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New words Reading Language Writing

Can you say them in English?







Find the meanings argue v. to speak angrily because you do not agree.(争论,争吵) argument n.争吵声 There was a big argument in the market. They are arguing. stare v. to look with great interest 瞪视,凝视 Everyone stared at the three thief.

aboard adv.& prep onto a ship or boat 在船上 It’s time to go aboard.
theft n.the act of stealing 行窃 report the theft to sb. 向…报告盗窃案 Did you report the theft to the police?

Write out the words or phrases according to the meanings in the column in the right

1.s_________ teal take something which is not yours. 2. r_________ the act of stealing obbery something from somebody. rgue 3. a_________ speak angrily to somebody 4. a_________ on or into a ship or a plane board 5. r__________ tell someone something eport

6. d____ eal w______ ith do or handle something 7. t_________ the act of stealing heft something from another rouble 8. t_________ a problem 9. s_________ unusual ,different trange 10. s________ look at somebody or tare something with great interest

Give short answers to these questions.

Have you ever been on a ferry?

What number do you dial to call the police?

What number do you dial to call the police?


What number do you dial to call the police?


B Look and think.


Read the title and the rubric on page 80.Give short answer to these questions.

? 1.What is a diary ? ? 2.What do you think Paul will write about?
1 A diary is a book in which we write information about
2 He wrote about trouble of some kind.

B2. Look at the pictures on page 80.In
pairs, discuss these questions and give possible answers. ? 1. What is the man doing with the bag?
1 He is showing a bag to two women.

? 2.Which person is Paul ?
2 He is the boy with glasses , in the green Tshirt.

3.Which people are arguing?
The young man with a bag and two women.

4.What is Paul’s father doing in Picture 2?
He is making a telephone call.

? Please do the exercises on page 32.
1 arguing a b hating someone a speaking noisily and angrily 2 held out a took out 3 aboard

b got out

b onto a piece of wood

a onto a ship or boat

4 to report


a to give information about something. b to do something important

5 a theft


a the crime of taking someone away

b the crime of stealing something

? Use information from the diary to complete the letter. Put one word in each blank.

Dear Kurt
exciting Yesterday an (1)_______thing happened to us. My father and I waited for the ____. ferry Two women tourists and a man began 3____ . One woman today my 4_____ that three men 5 ____ her 6____ . Two of the men 7______ away. The woman and her friend 8 _____ the other man onto the ferry.


father purse

arguing ran

My father and I did not get on the ferry. He hurried to a (8) _______ shop and quickly phoned the (9) ________. H

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