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八年级 英 语









分) ( )1. A. B. C.

( )2. A. B. C.

( )3. A. B. C.

( )4. A. B. C.

( )5. A. B. C.

第二节 情景反应

听句子,选择该句的最佳答语,将其标号填入题前括号。每个句子读一遍。(每小题1分,共10 分)

( )6. A. By practicing more.

playing football.

( )7. A. Because I can’t speak English. B. So I can practice speaking English.

C. That’s a good idea.

1 B. With a pen. C. By

( )8. A. It’s new. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, it is.

( )9. A. I got an A in PE. B. I like swimming. C. I hurt my leg.

( )10. A. Two hours. B. In two weeks. C. Three days ago.

第三节 听对话(每题1分,共10分)

A: 听五个短对话,选择正确答案。将其标号填入题前括号,对话读两遍。

( )11. What does the girl think of English?

A. It is easy. B. It is hard. C. It is


( )12. What time does the train start?

A. At 9:30 every morning. B. At 9:00 on Sunday morning.

C. At 9:00 on Saturday morning.

( )13. Why does the boy like jogging?

A. Because it’s exciting. B. Because it’s relaxing. C.

Because it’s boring.

( )14. What is Betty going to do on Saturday?

A. She is going to Lao She Teahouse with Lingling.

B. She is going to help Lingling with her English.

C. She offered to take Lingling to her house.

( )15. What did the girl like about Tianjin?

A. Weather. B. Clothes. C. Food.

B 听第一段长对话,根据对话内容回答16-17小题,对话读两遍。

( )16. What animal does Jenny like?

A. Elephants. B. Kangaroos. C. Tigers.

( )17. Where do the tigers come from?

A. Australia. B. America. C. Asia.

C 听第二段长对话,根据对话内容回答18-20小题,对话读两遍。

( )18. Where is the girl’s hometown?

A. In the north of the USA. B. In the north of China. C. In the

south of China.

( )19. What’s the weather like in winter in the north of China?

A. Very cold. B. Very short. C. Very hot.

( )20. What do people do in winter in the north of China?

A. Swimming. B. Cycling. C. Skiing.

第四节 短文理解,听短文,选择最佳答案,短文读两遍。(每小题1分,计5分) ( )21. Where is Tony going to have a holiday?

A. London. B. China. C. America.

( )22. How will Tony travel from London to Beijing?

A. By plane. B. Train. C. By express.

( )23. He will take a taxi to visit _________


A. Shanghai. B. the Great Wall. C. the Forbidden


( )24. Who will go to the Great Wall with Tony?

A. Mr. Smith. B. Mrs. Smith. C. Ms Wang.

( )25. It takes about _______ from Beijing to Shanghai by express.

A. 1 hour B. 2 hours C. 5 hours

第五节 听短文填信息(每题1分,共5分)


二、单项选择(每小题1分,共10分) 请选择最佳答案,将其标号填入题前括号。

( )31. ________ he like watching football match?

A. Do B. Does C. Is

( )32. I ________ a very good film yesterday.

A. see B. watch C. saw D. seen

( )33. They’re going _________ good ways to learn English.

A. talk about

D. to talk about

( )34. Who ________ she writing the email to?

A. is B. can C. will D. were

( )35. Shanghai is an _________ city than Shenzhen.

A. old B. older C. oldest

( )36. The ________ you drive, the safer it is.

A. more carefully B. more careful C. carefullier D. carefuler

( )37. We only planned _________ the cave for an hour.

A. watching B. watches C. to watch D. watched

( )38. I’ll have Tony ________ you around the school.

A. to show B. showing C. shown D. show

( )39. They __________ when the teacher came in.

A. were talking B. talked C. talking D. are talking

( )40. A: Must I come before 6:30 tomorrow? B: No, you _________ 3 D. Was B. talking about C. to say about D. big

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. must D. can’t



I went to England last year. I enjoyed _______ 41) stay, and I noticed _________

42) with the English way of life.

For example, you must say Mr. Mrs. when you meet someone for the ________ 43). When you get to know each other better or when they ask you to, you can just use their ________ 44).

One day, we visited some friends and had afternoon tea together. Afternoon tea is not just a drink but a light meal at around ________ 45). We ate sandwiches and a large fruit cake. In England, you usually drink tea with milk. So I tried to drink tea with milk too.

Fish and chips is traditional food in England. You can buy it and eat ________

46) in special fish and chip shops on the high street, or you can take it away and eat ________ 47) your fingers! It is delicious!

At the bus stop, you must not push your way onto the bus. You need to stand in a line and ________ 48) for your turn. Sometimes people are slow to get on the bus. Once I noticed a gentleman touch a young man ________49) the shoulder, smile politely and say, “Excuse me! Are you waiting for this bus?” He was ________ 50) polite. ( )41. A. his B. my C. her D. their

B. anything interesting

D. interesting anything

C. first time

C. names D.

D. 4

D. ( )42. A. interesting something C. something interesting D. last time ( )43. A. second time B. third time ( )44. A. first names B. last names full names ( )45. A. 5 pm B. 3 pm pm ( )46. A. it B. them


( )47. A. in B. for

( )48. A. to wait B. wait

( )49. A. about B. of

( )50. A. really B. realy

D. true

(A) C. 6 pm C. / C. on D. with C. waiting D. waited C. on D. at C. real 四、阅读理解(共35分,第51—55题,每题1分;第56—70题,每题2分)

The US is a very big country. It is about 3,000 miles from the east coast to the west coast, so choose carefully the places to see and the time to go. Bring a map


because you may want to travel around.

New York and Washington DC are good places to visit in May or October, but in winter there is a lot of snow.

The best time to visit New England is in September. The weather gets cooler, and the green leaves start to turn gold, then brown. Bring your camera so you can take photos of the autumn trees.

California is on the Pacific coast, and the weather is fine all year round. Take your swimming clothes because you might want to go swimming in the sea, even in December.

In Seattle, in the northwest, it is not very cold but it rains a lot, so bring an umbrella. In Alaska, the days are long and warm in summer, but may be cool in the evening. In winter, Alaska can be very very cold. If you want to visit Alaska, you had better go in summer. Do not forget to bring a warm sweater with you.

In Texas and the southeast, it is usually very hot and sunny compared to other places. There are storms from time to time in summer and autumn.

So when is the best time to visit the US? Any time you like!

根据短文内容判断句子的正误,正确的在题前括号写“ T ”,错误的写“ F ”。

( )51. The US is a very large country.

( )52. New York and Washington DC are good places to visit in June or December. ( )53. California is on the Pacific coast, and the weather is fine from spring

to winter.

( )54. There are storms from time to time in summer and autumn in Texas and the


( )55. You don’t have to bring an umbrella when you visit Seattle.


I was walking down the street one day when I suddenly saw a small wallet lying on the ground. I picked it up and opened to see if I could find the owner’s name. There was nothing inside it except some money and an old photo of a woman and a young girl about twelve years old. The girl looked like the woman’s daughter. I put the photo back and took the wallet to the police station. There I gave it to a policeman. Before I left, the policeman took down my name and address so that the owner could write and thank me if they found it.

That evening I went for dinner with my aunt and uncle at their home. They also asked a young woman, so there were four people at table. Her face seemed familiar. I was quite sure that we had met before, but I could not remember where I had seen her. During the talking, the young woman said that she had lost her wallet that afternoon. At once I knew where I had seen her. She was just the young girl in the photo though she was now much older. She was very surprised, of course, when I was 5

able to tell her what her wallet was like.

My uncle said that we should go to the police station at once to get the wallet. As that policeman handed it over, he said it was an interesting coincidence--- I not only found the wallet, but also made friends with the person who had lost it.


( )56. The word “wallet” in the story means “________”. In Chinese.

A. 钱包 B. 护照 C. 书包

( )57. The policeman wrote down my name and address because ________.

A. he wanted to write a report to the newspaper

B. he wanted the owner to give me some money for thanks

C. he would let the owner of the wallet know who helped him or her

( )58. The writer was sure that he had seen the woman before ________.

A. in the photo B. at his uncle’s office C. at the police station

( )59. ________ gave the wallet to the young woman at last.

A. The writer B. The policeman C. His uncle ( )60. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The policeman took down the writer’s name and address.

B. Four people were at table that evening.

C. The writer didn’t find the wallet and its owner on the same day.



( )61. How many foreign films will be shown in Guilin Cinema this week? 6

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

( )62. If you want to see the film which is directed by Zhou Xingchi, go to the

cinema on ___.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Thursday

( )63. Children can pay only ________ when they want to see a film on Sunday.

A. 10 yuan B. 15 yuan C. 20 yuan

( )64. You can see the film__________ on Wednesday.



( )65. Which film is the cheapest?



I am a middle school student. I like surfing the Internet when I am free. I like doing that because I can get much useful information and make friends with people who are in different parts of our country and even in other countries. I keep in touch with my friends by MSN and QQ and we send e-mails to each other. Last week I chattered with a woman on the Internet and I learnt something that my teacher didn’t teach me. I asked, “Where do you come from?” She answered, “I come from Jordan.” I laughed because I knew that Jordan was the best basketball player in the world. So I said, “You must be joking! Jordan is a basketball player.” She said, “You can look up the word in the dictionary and then you will know.” I looked up the word and found the explanations. Jordan is the name of a country and it is in West Asia.


( )66. When does the writer surf the Internet?

A. When he is free. B. On weekends. C. When he is at home.

( )67. Why does the writer like surfing the Internet?

A. Because he can make friends.

B. Because he can get useful information

C. Because he can make friends and get useful information.

( )68. What are MSN and QQ in the passage?

A. They are computer games. B. They are two web pages.

C. They are chatting tools.

( )69. Who is Jordan?

A. He is a basketball player. B. He is a football


C. He is a baseball player.

( )70. How many explanations does the word “Jordan” have in the passage?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Five.


根据对话内容,从下面方框的选项中选出合适的句子补全对话,将将其标号填入句中横线上。 Jane: Hi, Max. I’m glad to meet you here.

Max: Hello, Jane! __________ 71)

Jane: Look! I’m wearing a coat made of animal fur. __________72)


Max: I’ve no idea.

Jane: __________ 73)

Max: Yes, but do you know how many animals were killed for your coat?

Jane: __________ 74)

Max: Some people kill animals for their fur and meat, and then they can get more money

by selling the meat and fur. Your coat may be made of it. I don’t think they’re right. We must protect animals.

Jane: Oh, I see. Maybe you are right. __________ 75)


(一)选词填空 根据对话内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。

A: What’s the weather like in England at this time of the year?

B: It’s __________76).

A: I thought it was very warm.

B: No. But the weather is very good in summer. There are trees, grass and __________

77) everywhere. It’s never too hot. It’s cool.

A: I hear it’s often foggy.

B: Not now. But it rains a lot. And it’s quite cold in February. It’s the _________

78) month of the year. I don’t like it.

A: I see. When I visit England, I_________ 79) not go in February. By the way, do you often talk about the weather?

B: Yes, quite often. Because the weather __________ 80) all the time.



81. Alice was sitting with her sister by the ____________(河流) and her sister was reading a book.

82. Why not write down our _______________(错误) in our notebooks?

83. I suggest you__________(写) four or five words a day on pieces of paper and place them in your room.

84. Its streets are much wider and cleaner too. I think it’s a _____________________( 美丽的) city.

85. Daming is good at singing, and he is a member of the music ______________ (俱




86. What are his m__________ famous books and plays?

87. Lao She is one of the greatest Chinese w________________ of the twentieth century.

88. Let’s find out what else we can do to save as many a_____________ as possible.

89. My friend Jack was always having a__________________. He did not pay attention

to where he was going or what he was doing.



90. P________________ increase is a big problem in many countries.

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