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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 4 Finding your way Grammar教学案 牛津版

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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 4 Finding your way Grammar

教学案 牛津版





Step 1 Greeting

Step 2 Review


1. 狮子是动物之王。


2. 径直往前走,你会看见熊猫馆。


3. 永远不要走近它们。


4. 它们的大耳朵就像张开的扇子。 ______________________________________________________

5. 在阳光动物园前面。




Step 3 Preview


1.这里有座桥 _____________________________

2.这只长颈鹿正躺在草地上 _____________________________

3.真可爱 _____________________________

4.真的喜欢熊猫 _____________________________

5.一只小熊猫 _____________________________

6.看起来像它妈妈 _____________________________

7.让我们去看看一些狮子 _____________________________

8.在一个非常大的笼子里 _____________________________

9.半小时之后 _____________________________ 10.在长椅下面 _____________________________

Step 4 lead-in

T:What's this?S:It's a book.T:Whose book is it?S:It's ...'s.


Step 5 presentation

T:Look, here is a panda.The panda is eating bamboo.Look,this is an elephant.the elephant is standing under the tree.

This is an apple.The apple is big and red.

T:We use a or an when we mention a person or thing is mentioned again.or we're talking about a specific person or thing.

Step 7 Homework

Step 8 Exercise




1.My mother is so busy.I have_______ (help) her to do the housework.

2.Listen! There are some girls_______ (sing) happily next door.

3.I hope you_______ (pass) the English exam. 4..There are many things_______ (do) in the new town. 5.One of the teachers_______ (have) a new computer.

6.He puts on his coat and_______ (push) the door open.

7.Please ask him_______ (do) his homework first.

8.Would you please_______ (not turn) on the radio?

9.Why not_______ (go )on a trip?

10.Thank you for_______ (invite) me to your party.

二、用冠词a ,an或the填写,在不需要的地方填写“/”

1、-What can you see in_________picture? -I can see ________ girl and _______ bag.


-Who’s ________ girl?

-She’s ________ my sister.

2、__________ Great Wall of _________ China is famous(著名的) in ___________ world.

3、He enjoy playing ________ volleyball.

4、I have ________ e-dog.I love __________ e-dog very much.

5、Do you like __________ little dog under the tree?

6、________ Changjiang River is _________ longest river in China.

7、Do you know __________ child behind __________ tree?

8、We can see _________ sun in the day and __________ moon at night.

9、There’s a dog over there. _________ dog is Daniel’s.

10 、He tells us_________ interesting story and _________ story is about a short man.

11、________ doctor told him to take _______ medicine three times _________ day.

12、What _________ interesting book it is!

13、Our Chinese teacher was born in _________ 1963.

14、_________ old woman is _________ teacher.She likes playing ________ violin after supper.

15、_________ Blacks are living at the end of _________ Sunshine Street.

16、We have friends all over _________ world.

17、After he has ________ quick breakfast , he goes to school quickly.

18、We go to school by ________ bus , but sometimes he goes to school on _________ his old bike.


( )1----What do you usually do after school?

----We usually play_______football for half_______hour on_______ playground..

A.the;a;the B. the;an;a C./;a;/ D./;an;the

( )2 . --Do you have a cat?

---Yes.______ cat is red.

A. The B.A C. An D. /

( )3. Their bike is between _______ and_______ .

A. him;me B.he;me C. his;me D.his ;my

( )4. --- Can I have______ beef,please?

---Sorry,we don't have _______.

A. some,some B. any;any C. some;any D.his;my

( )5. The students will visit______Palace Museum _______Tuesday afternoon.

A. /;on B./;in C. the;on D. the;in

( )6. We are doing much better _______English_______ our teachers 'help? A. in;at B. in;with C.at;in D.with;with

( )7. ________does ________ packet of chips cost?.

A.How much;a B. How much;an

C.How many;an D.How many;the

( )8.More and more foreign students come to China to learn________Chinese.


A. a B.an C.the D./

( )9. There is ______"o"and________ "w"in the word "bowl".

A. a;an B. an;a

C. a;a D.an;an

( )10. I like playing_____football but my sister likes playing_____ piano.

A.the;the B.a;a C. /;the D.the;/


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