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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 4 Finding your way Reading1教学案 牛津版

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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 4 Finding your

way Reading1教学案 牛津版


1. New words: follow, north, west, south, east, trip, kilometer

2. Phrases: go down, have to, go up, far away from

3. Sentence: Follow me.

Sunshine Zoo is north of Sunshine Middle School.


1. Master the new words, phrases, and sentences.

2. Enable to recognize the directions.


Step1 Greeting

Step2 Lead-in

1. 跟我来

2. 找到出路

3. 下去

4. 进行一次郊游

5. 它在我们学校的北面。

Step3 Presentation

1.T:Where do some birds fly in winter? And where do they fly in spring? Some birds fly south in winter, and they fly back north in spring.

2. Teach the students to know the directions: south, north, west, east,

south-east, north-west, south-west, north-east

3. Finish Part A 4. Listen to the tape, and answer:

Where are they going for the trip? Where’s the zoo?

How will they get there?

6. Listen and answer:

Does Eddie know the way?

7. Read and answer:

Where are Hobo and Eddie?

Can Eddie go down the hill?

What does the sign say?


Step4 Exercise

1. Make a dialogue like this:

Is your home far from our school?

No, it’s north of the school, about ten miles away.

How do you come to school?

I come to school by…

2. Act out the comic strip.

Step5 Homework:

1. Finish the exercise paper

2. Review and preview




1.找到出路_____________________ 2.跟我来_______________________

3.不得不___________________ 4. 下去___________________

5.上来____________________ 6.我确定_______________________

7.不要害怕_____________________ 8.进行一次郊游___________________


( )1. Just _______ me and I’ll show you where the library is.


A. look after B. catch up C. watch D. follow

( )2. Please look at the ______ pictures.

A. followed B. following C. to follow D. follow

( )3. A: My bike is broken. May I use your father’s?

B: ________. I hear he will ride to the post office.

A. I’m afraid so B. I’m afraid not

C. I hope not D. I don’t think so

( )4. A: Mr. Brown, Daniel isn’t here today. Is he ill? B.________ . His mother told me he was in hospital.

A. I’m afraid so B. I’m afraid not

C. I hope not D. I don’t think so ( )5. That is a really interesting story. The children _______ to enjoy it.

A. be sure B. is sure C. are sure D. are sure of ( ) 6. The price of gold is ________ .

A. going through B. lifting C. raising D. going up

( )7. My little sister is afraid ________ snakes(蛇).

A. seeing B. saw C. see D. to see

( )8. ---I like the party so much, but I ______ go home. It’s too late. ---What a pity!

A .mustn’t B. have to C. may D. can’t

( )9. Taiwan lies(坐落) ______ the south-east of China and ______ the east of

Fujian Province.

A. at, on B. in, to C. on, to D. to, on

( )10. The children walk along ________ and get to the other side of the park.

A. a road B. a path C. a street D. a way


1. Excuse me, can you tell me the w_________ to the Sunnyside Garden?

2. I am a________ I have lots of homework to do today. 3. Please f_______ me and I will take you to the park.

4. It’s easy to climb the hills, but it’s difficult to go d_____ them. 5. We had a happy _______ (旅行) last summer.

6. The sun rises(升) in the ______ (东方) and sets(落) in the ________ (西方).

7. It’s very cold in _________ (北方) China in winter.


8. Jiangsu is to the _________ (南方) Beijing.

9. There is a ________ (小路) through(穿过) the forest(森林).

10. Shanghai is ________ the east of Suzhou. (介词)


1、Beijing Sunshine Secondary School is___________________(在动物园的南部)。

2、The Lake Park is ___________________________(在人民医院的西北方)。

3、Our school is _____________________________(在公园的东方)。

4、There is a book shop __________________________(在学校的东南方)。

5、Is there a post office ____________________________(在博物馆的北方)。











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