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1.---How much is your white shirt ?---It’s ten d________.

2.---What’s the p_______ of the black sweater ? ---It’s thirty yuan.

3.---What color are the shorts ? ---Y_______.

4.The pants are s__________, I want to buy long ones.(ones=pants)

5.---Can I h________ you,sir ?---Yes,I want a T-shirt,please.

6.---Let’s play tennis after school. ---S________. I don’t have a racket.

7.At the c_________ store,we can see many pants,shirts,shorts and so on.

8.Come and see for y__________ at the Fruit Store.


( )1.The basketball is twenty___.A.dollar B.dollars C.yuans

( )2.—How much ___ the ___?---They’re two dollars.

A.is sock B.are socks C.is socks D.are sock

( )3.___ are the bananas? A.What color B.How many C.How much.

( )4.We have T-shirt in blue,yellow,red and black___on ly 20 yuan.

A.for B.in C.only D.at

( )5.The white shorts______ 15 yuan.

A.is on sale B.are on sale C.are on sell for D.are on sale for.

( )6. The T-shirt is too long. I want a ______ one.

A.green B.big C.short D.each.

( )7.---How much____ the computer game ?---___thirty yuan.

A.is It’s B.are They’re C.is They’re D.are It’s

( )8.Eleven and twelve is ____.

A.twenty B. twenty-three C. twenty-two D. twenty-four

( )9.---__is your pen ? ---It’s green.

A.What B.How C.What color D.How much .

( )10.Come and ___ a look at the photo. A.have B.has C.do D.help

( )11.How much __ do you want? A.tomatoes B.ba nana C.chicken D.chickens.

( )12.If(如果) Tom wants to borrow(借) your ruler,you should say(应该说)“__”

A.Sorry, I don’t know. B.Here you are.C.I’m OK.D.Thank you.

( )13 .---What color is the pen ?----It’s ___ orange. It’s ___ orange pen.

A.a an B.an an C.an X D.X an.

( )14.--Is Jim in black shoes ? --Yes,____. A. it is B.they are C.he is D.she is.

( )15.This ___ is small. Do you have a big one ?

A. socks B.shirt C.short D.shorts.


A: 1

B:Yes,I do.I have black bags,red bags and blue bags.Do you like these ? A:Yes,I do.2

B:They’re twenty-nine dollars.

A:Do you have pants?

B:3 . These red pants are seven dollars.

A:And those pants on the table?

How much are they ?

B:4.And those black pants are 12 dollars

A:5 . 1___2____3_____4_____5____.


对画线部分提问) ______ ______ ___ that red sweater ?

2.Mike likes Chinese.(改为否 定句) Mike___________ __________ Chinese.

3.This is a blue bus.(改为复数句子) ___________ are blue __________.

4.That bag is black.(改为同义句) That ________ a ____________ bag.

5.I have great bags for only $5.(一般问句)_____ you ________ great bags for only $5?

对画线部分提问) _______ ______ _____ the shoes ?

7.What can I do for you?(改为同义句) _______ I ________ you ?

8.The price of these shoes is¥80.(改为同义句) These _________ ________ ¥80.

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