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It was Saturday afternoon. A man named John had (1) school for the last time. He was going to start (2) the following week, so he decided to (3) some new clothes and a new pair of shoes. There was quite a nice shop (4) his home. The shop was quite (5), for it had opened only the week before. It sold (6) and clothes. John decided to go and see (7) they had.

The shoes in the shop were quite (8) and were not expensive. But none of them were the (9). They were (10) too big or too small. At last he bought a nice suit and went out of the shop happily. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

A. started A. lessons A. do A. at A. far A. women’s A. what A. cheap A. size

B. studied B. work B. pick B. from B. big B. men’s B. when B. good B. color B. all

C. left C. classes C. buy C. near C. new C. children’s C. who C. clean C. price C. both

D. found D. shopping D. make D. for D. old D. girls D. where D. clear D. number D. either

10. A. neither


2011年武汉中考 完形填空

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 I didn’t cry when I learned I was the parent of a disabled child. I just sat still and didn’t say anything.

When Jenny was old enough, I sent her to a kindergarten(幼儿园). On the first morning, Jenny spent hours playing by herself. It seemed that she felt very(41). However, to my joy, Jenny’s classmates always (42) her, “You got all your spelling words right today!” In fact, her spelling list was the (43). Later, she faced a very painful (44) —— at the end of the term, there was a game which had (45) to do with physical education. But Jenny was (46) in it.

My husband and I were anxious about the day. I wanted to let my child stay home! But my heart wouldn’t let me off that easily. So I (47) a pale, unwilling Jenny onto the school bus.

At the kindergarten, I was quite worried because of her (48) action, Jenny would probably hold up her team. The game went well until it was time for the sack(麻袋)race. Surely Jenny would find it (49). Now each child had to climb into a sack, jump to the finishing line, return and c limb out of the sack. I noticed Jenny standing near the end of her line of players.

But as it was her turn to join, a change took place in her (50). The tallest boy behind Jenny placed his hands on her waist(腰). Two other boys (51) in front of her. The moment the player before Jenny stepped out from the sack, the two boys (52) the sack suddenly and kept it open while the tall boy lifted Jenny and (53) her into it. A girl nearby took her hand and supported her (54) Jenny got her balance. Then she jumped forward, smiling and proud. In the cheers of the teachers, schoolmates and parents, I silently thanked the warm, understanding people in life who made it (55) for my disabled daughter to be like her fellow human beings. Then I finally cried.

41. A. excited B. lonely C. happy D. weak

42. A. greeted B. expected C. encouraged D. followed

43. A. easiest B. longest C. smallest D. tidiest

44. A. choice B. problem C. result D. exam

45. A. nothing B. anything C. everything D. something

46. A. forward B. fast C. behind D. up

47. A. threw B. pushed C. knocked D. fixed

48. A. slow B. quiet C. quick D. secret

49. A. stupid B. simple C. relaxing D. difficult

50. A. school B. family C. team D. heart

51. A. ran B. lay C. walked D. stood

52. A. picked up B. gave up C. cut up D. made up

53. A. drove B. hid C. put D. hit

54. A. when B. until C. after D. unless

55. A. popular B. special C. necessary D. possible


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