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( ) 1. I __________________ this bike for three years

A. have had B. have bought C. have borrowed D. have been

( ) 2. Amy wants to keep her old things because they ___________ sweet memories.

A. bring about B. bring back C. bring with D. bring to

( ) 3. --- _____________ is it? -------- It’s 55 cents.

A. How many B. How price C. How much D. How expensive

( ) 4. As they get bigger our house seems to get _____________ .

A. small B. the smallest C. the smaller D. smaller

( ) 5.He does`t want to lose his toy monkey, _____________.

A. either B. neither C. too D. also

( ) 6. Jim bought that car ___________________.

A. for three weeks B. since three weeks ago C. three weeks ago D. in three weeks

( ) 7. Zhong Wei, a 56-year-old husband and father __________ working in the city.

A. are B. were C. is D. will

( ) 8. _____________to Zhong Wei, However, some things will never change.

A. Accord B. To accord C. According D. Accorded

( ) 9. Have you ever thought about _________ a yard sale to sell your


A have B. to have C. had D. having

( )10. I have learned ____________ ride a bike.

A. what to B. how to C. why to D. How I to

( )11. —Hello, this is Jane. May I speak to Tom?

—Sorry. He _____ the library. Please call him later.

A. went to B. has been to C. has gone to D. has been in

( )12. — My family are going to Hong Kong Disneyland on holiday next week!

—_____. How I wish I could go with you.

A.Don’t play too long B. You are welcome C. Have a nice trip D. I’d love to

( )13. —Is there an underground in the city?

—Yes. It _____ in 2005.

A . has built B. was built C. built D. has been built

( )14. Han Han, a young writer in China, has been successful since his first book The Three Successive Doors _____ in 2000.

A. came on B. came back C. came out D. came from

( )15. —Do you mind my turning on the TV?

—_____. It’s time for me to do my homework.

A. No, please don’t B. Sorry, but you’d better not C. No, not at all D. Of course you can

二 动词填空:

1._____ you ________(clean) the room?

Yes, we __________(do) that already.

When _______ you ______(do) it?

We _______(do) it an hour ago.

2.______ he ______(see) this film yet? Yes.

When _____ he _____(see) it?

He ______ it last week.

3. I __________ (read) the novel twice. It’s interesting.

4. She ___________ (go) to Pairs, hasn’t she? Yes. How ______ she _______(go) there?

She _______(go) there by air.

5. So far, many countries ______________(develop) their software programs.

6.Mr Chen ______(give) up smoking last year.

7.______ you ever _______(ride) a horse? Never.

8.He ________( borrow) the book since two days ago.

二 选用for和since填空:

1.We haven’t seen each other ______ a long time.

2.His father has been in the factory ______ 10 years ago.

3.The film has been on ______ 20 minutes.

4.Mr Green has worked here ______ he came to China.

5.His grandparents have been dead ______ several years.

6. It’s five years _______ we met last time

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