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1.—I think drinking milk is a good way .C

----Yes,I agree.

A.keep health B.to keep health C.to keep healthy D. keep healthy

2.My mom hasn’t called me back

A.already B.yet C.then D.still

soccer fans in the world.D

A.million B.three million C.million of D.millions of


----Maybe lions, I think.

A.on the lands B.on lands C.on land D.on the land


A:Tom,have you decided where to go on vacation yet?



You know I have to write a book report.C

B:well,have you chosen a book?

A:Yes,I have.I have planned to read Treasure Island.

A:It’s about a boy who went out to sea and found an island full of treasures.


When I first arrived on this island, I had nothing. But I (find) the ship and (make) a small boat. I (bring)back many things I can use —— food and drink, tools, knives and guns. Although I(lose)everything, I (not lose) my life. So I will not give up and I will wait foranother ship. I already (cut )down trees and (build) a house. I go out with my gun almost every day _________(kill) animals and birds for food. I’m even learning(grow)fruit and vegetables.

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