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语法:if(如果)引导的条件状语从句用一般现在 是表将来(主将从现) 位置:可前可后 P73 1.The teachers won't let you in if you wear jeans to the party. 2.You'll be sorry if you stay at home. 3.If you take the bus to the party,you'll be late. 4.If you go to the party with Karen and Aana,you will have a great time. 5.If he walks,it will take him too long. If Li Ming takes a taxi,it will be too expensive . 6.We should give people some small gifts if they win. 7. Get good grades, if you study hard.

拓展: 1.Unless(除非)=if....not Unless it rains tomorrow,we'll go to the farm. =If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll go to the farm. 2.可与祈使句转换: 肯定:If you try your best to do it,you'll find it easy. = Try your best to do it,and you'll find it easy. 否定:If you don't study hard,you won't get good grades.= Study hard,or you won't get good grades.

语法练习:P74 2b 前奏:2a:The students are talking about when to have a class party.They plan to have it on Saturday.(=when they will have a class party) 1.A:What will happen if they have the party today? B:Half the class won't come. Some students will be bored. 3.A:What will Mark organize? B:He will organize the party games. 4.have a great time doing sth.=have fun doing sth.=enjoy oneself 玩得开心,过得愉快 5.be late for迟到 6.when to have a class meeting何时开班会

7.ask people to bring food叫人们带来食物 ask/tell sb (not) to do sth叫某人(不要)做某事 8.let's order food让我们点菜吧 let sb (not )do sth让某人(不要)做某事 9.bring patato chips and chocolate带来炸薯条和巧克力 10.too lazy to cook太懒了而不做 too..to..,not..enough to do sth,so..that..可互换 He is too young to go to school.= He is not old enough to go to school.= He is so young that he can't go to school. 11.give people some small gifts给人们一些小礼物 give sb sth=give sth to sb给某人某物 12.be more exciting更令人激动的

P75短语: 1.what to do做什么 2.be upset失望 3.tell us to wear nice clothes叫我们穿漂亮的衣服 4.how to go to the party如何去参加聚会 5.take a taxi乘出租车 6.give me some advice给我一些建议 give sb some advice给某人一些建议 7.make (some) friends交朋友 8. look the worst 看起来最糟糕

1. make a lot of money 赚很多钱 2. get a education 受到教育 3. join the Lions 加入狮子队 4.get advice from sb.从某人那里得到建议 5.They should keep them to themselves 他们应该保守秘密 6.have problems with sth.在某方面有困难 have problems doing sth.做某事有困难 7. have a lot of worries 有许多烦恼 8. talking to someone halps a lot. 与人交谈帮助很大

9. be afraid to do sth. 害怕做某事 be afraid of sth. 害怕某物 10.keep thing 一直在想 11. make careless mistakes 犯粗心的错误 12. do sth. oneself= do sth. by oneself自己做某事 13.ask sb. to be more careful 要求某人以

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