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Unit5 Topic1 Section C&D

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2014-3-1 八下Unit5 Topic1 Section C&D当堂检测

姓名___________ 结果___________


( )1. ——Is Jim still angry ______ you?

——No, we made peace______ each other yesterday.

A. at; with B. with; at C. at; at D. with; with

( )2. Nancy was very ______ when her mother was ill in hospital.

A. upset B. careful C. excited D. interested

( )3. ——How do you like the skirt?

——I like the color and it _____ good.

A. is sounding B. is feeling C. feels D. sounds

( )4. They quarreled(吵架) for long and _______they went home on foot.

A. at first B. on the end C. in the end D. at the first

( )5. The old man lives ______ after his son moved out, but he doesn’t feel ______ .

A. lonely; lonely B. alone; alone C. lonely; alone D. alone; lonely

( )6. I was late for school yesterday ________ the heavy rain.

A. because B. because of C. so D. and

( )7.——Steve looks sad today. What can we do to _______?

——Let’s give him a surprise.

A. cheer up him B. cheer him up C. give up him D. give him up

( )8. There are ten classrooms in our school, one of them _____ students.

A. are full of B. is full of C. are filled with D. is filled of

( )9. I’m very ______, the film is so______.

A. moved; moved B. moving; moving

C. moved; moving D. moving; moved

( )10.——I missed the football match last night. I was busy.

——________ But you can watch it on the Internet.

A. That’s great! B. What a pity!

C. How time flies! D. How lucky!


1.One of the festivals(节日) _______(come) into being in China.

2. My mother teaches me _______ (care) for my grandmother.

3. Cheng Long is a good actor, his films often make us ______ (laugh).

4. Maria looks upset because she wants ______ (make) peace with her friend.

5. They are going to visit the Great Wall, they invite my mother _____(go) with them


Three years ago my parents bought a new house in the city, so we moved there. Because my old school was too I had to come to a new school near my house. At first, everything was 没人) knew me. I had friends to talk with. I felt quite lonely. I happened. Before the class, I sat at my desk. At that , a boy came into the classroom. I didn’t know . He passed me and me. Suddenly, I felt lively and warm. His smile changed I started to talk to my and made friends with them. After school, we played soccer together. On weekends, we went to the movies. We our happiness and sadness. Now I believe that smiling can change the world.

( )1. A. old B. far C. poor D. small

( )2. A. interesting B. beautiful C. serious D. strange

( )3. A. some B. a few C. no D. lots of

( )4. A. forgot B. saw C. missed D. thanked

( )5. A. hour B. time C. day D. quarter

( )6. A. look B. name C. interest D. hobby

( )7. A. looked B. shouted C. smiled D. pointed

( )8. A. life B. plan C. luck D. dream

( )9. A. students B. classmates C. parents D. brothers

( )10. A. shared B. remembered C. found D. made

What do you usually do in your free time? Do you like watching movies? What kind of movies do you like? Who’s your favorite movie star? We make a survey among some young people. Here is the result:

Owen: I like action movies. My favorite movie star is Jackie Chen. Chinese Iodiac is one of the most famous movies. It’s a very successful action movie. It’s exciting.

Tina: I like comedies(喜剧), because they are very funny and interesting. Xu Zheng is my favorite movie star. He always makes the audience(观众) laugh. I think Lost in Thailand is a great movie. It is popular with many young people.

Sandy: On my weekends, I often watch cartoons and science fictions(科幻片), such as Kongfu Panda, Avatar and so on.

Paul: I don’t like movies very much. Instead, I’m more interested in Beijing Opera. On weekends, I often go to watch it with my parents. It’s full of famous stories and beautiful facial paintings. I can learn a lot about Chinese history.

( )1. Who likes action movies?

A. Owen B. Tina C. Sandy D. Paul

( )2. Lost in Thailand is a/an _______.

A. active movie B. comedy C. cartoon D. science fiction

( )3. Jackie Chen is ______ favorite movie star.

A. Owen’s B. Tina’s C. Sandy’s D. Paul’s

( )4. Paul is interested in Beijing Opera because_______.

A. it’s funny B. it’s excited

C. it makes him relaxed D. it’s full of famous stories and facial paintings

( )5.Which one is NOT true?

A. Jackie Chen is an actor in Chinese Inodiac.

B. Sandy likes the movie Avatar.

C. Owen likes cartoons very much.

D. We can learn a lot about Chinese history from Beijing Opera.

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