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Unit5 Topic1 Section A

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2014-2-22八下 Unit5 Topic1 Section A当堂检测

姓名___________ 结果___________


( )1.Lucy looks so ______ when she heard the bad news.

A. happy B. silly C. cruel D. sad

( )2.——Who cooks the chicken? It ______ so nice.

—— My mom.

A. looks B. feels C. tastes D. sounds

( )3. ——How are you _______? ——______, thank you.

A. going; Good B. getting; Better

C. doing; Fine D. feeling; Nicely

( )4.——Your father helps me a lot. Please ______ to your father.

——I will. Thank you.

A. say hello to B. say thanks to C. say sorry to D. say goodbye to

( )5.——I want to see the film, but I don’t have a ticket.


A. What shame! B. What a shame!

C. How shame! D. How a shame!

( )6. My mother will invite my aunt _______ to my birthday party this Friday.

A. come B. comes C. coming D. to come

( )7. One of my friends _______ From Fuzhou.

A. is B. are C. come D. am

( )8. ——______ does Mr. Lee feel?

——He is disappointed.

A. What B. Which C. How D. Where

( )9._______ beautiful girl she is! We all like her.

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

( )10.——Which book do you like best among these books?

——________. I like watching TV.

A. Nothing B. Both C. No one D. None


1. This song is very _________ (popular), so none of us likes it.

2. My deskmate wants ________ (buy) a present for our teacher.

3. Look! So many basketball players come here, one of them _____ (get) prize.

4. Mary together with her parents is _______ (go) to London next year.

5. I will prepare some ______(potato) for our dinner tonight.

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