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河南省轵城二中2012-2013学年七年级英语下学期期末质量检测试题 人教新目标版

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河南省轵城二中2012-2013学年七年级英语下学期期末质量检测试题 人教新目


二、单项选择 (15小题,每小题1分,共15分)

( )21. There ______ some food on the table.

A. have B. are C. is D. has

( )22.--Would you like _____tea with ice in it? -- Yes, _____

A. any, please B. some, please C. any, will D. some, will

( )23 — Henry, where ___ your pen pal come from?

—He is an Englishman,but he Beijing now.

A. does, lives B. do, live in C. does, lives in D. is, live

( )24. Kelly, _______ girl, wants to be a reporter. A. a 8-year-old B. an 8-year-old C. an 8-years-old D. an 8 years old

( )25. —

—She is of medium build .

A.Where is Julie B. What does Julie do C. What does Julie look like D. How Julie

( 26. I ‘d like a cup of tea milk.

A . In B.with C.at D. for

( )27. What do you ________soap operas? I can't stand them.

A. do B. like C. think D. think of

( )28. Thank you for _______us! Next we're talking about "Healthy Living".

A. to join B. join C. joining D. joined

( )29. She has to help her mom _______dinner today.

A. makes B. making C. made D. make

( )30. Go straight and _______left. The hospital is next to the post office.

A. turn B.take C.go D. come

( )31.He _______ his lost dog , but he didn't _______ it. A. looked for ; find B. found ; look for C. looked for; look for D. look for ( )32.-- __________ Nancy at home last weekend?

--No, she __________. She was in the library with her friends. A. Is, isn'

t B. Was, wasn't C. Did, didn't D. Was, isn't

is 1


It ____36___ Sunday yesterday . We had ___37____ classes. I got up at 6:30 ___38____ morning. Then my mother and I went to the shop. We wanted to do some ___39____ . My mother wanted to buy some food __40_____ supper and I wanted to buy some school things: some books and a pen. The shop ____41___early in the morning. ___42____ a lot of people in the shop. They were ____43___, old and young. Some things in the shop were cheap ,some were not. We bought some food and school things. The people in the shop __44_____friendly ___45____.


A My father is tall and has short, gray hair. He wears glasses with heavy, black frames. But I just saw a picture of him from 1968. What a surprise! In the picture, he's 15 years old. He's short and he has glasses with small, round frames. He has long, yellow hair and it's really straight. He's wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt with the word "Love". I'm 15 years old now. I'm tall and I have short hair. My hair isn't yellow, it's blue. My dad thinks it's strange, but my friends think it's great. I wear glasses, but my glasses have bright red frames. They're so cool! I have an earring in one ear, too. Dad really can't understand that, I never wear blue jeans. I like big, baggy pants and long T-shirts. Most of my T-shirts have pictures of my favorite rock bands on them.

( )46. What kind of glasses did Father wear when he was fifteen years old? He wore ______.

A. glasses with heavy, black frames B. long and yellow glasses

C. glasses with bright red frames D. glasses with small, round frames

( )47. What color is my hair? It's ______.

A. yellow B. blue C. gray D. red

( )48. What do I like to wear? I like to wear ______.

A. blue jeans and a T-shirt B. yellow jeans and a T-shirt with the word "love"

C. big and baggy pants and long T-shirts D. blue jeans and an earring

( )49. What's on my father's T-shirt?


A.The word "love". B.Heavy and black frames. C.Pictures of rock bands. D.An earring. ( )50. Who has an earring in one ear?

A. My dad does. B. I do. C. My father does. D. My Friends do.


Can you make a telephone call? Of course you can make it in Chinese. But a call in English is quite different from one in Chinese. If you want to ask somebody to answer the telephone, you can not say. "Please ask Mr. XX to answer (接) the telephone. "Instead (代替), you must say, "May I speak to Mr. XX ?"If you want to ask who is answering the phone, you should say ,"Who is that?" "Is that Mr. XX (speaking)?"Instead of "Who are you ?"If you want to tell the other one who you are, you should say, "This is XX (speaking)instead of(而不是)"I am XX."

( ) 51 An English telephone is ____________ a Chinese one.

A. as good as B. better than C. the same as D. not the same as (与)

( )52. If you want to tell the people who you are, you should say, " _____ " A. This is XX B. I am XX C. That is XX D. He is XX

( )53. If you want to ask who is answering the phone , you should say, " __ ".

A. Who am I? B. Who is he? C. Who are you? D. Who is that?

( ) 54. If you want to ask someone to answer the call, you can say, " _______ ".

A. May I speak to Mr. XX B. Please tell Mr. XX to answer the call.

C. I want to talk to Mr. XX? D. Are you Mr. XX?

( ) 55. Which is right about the passage?

A. It tells the difference between making a call in Chinese and one in English.

B. We know how we call in English.

C. We don't understand how we call in English.

D. It's easy to call in English.

C(Happy Children's Day!)

Come and see the Indian elephants and the tigers from America. The bears are waiting to meet you, and the monkeys from Thailand are waiting to throw things at you. The lovely dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you, and the giraffes from Zambia are waiting to look down on you.

Tickets: Adults: ¥60, Children: free

Time: June1-June2 9:00 a.m.-----7:00 p. m

Keep the park clean!

Do not touch, give food or go near the animals.

( ) 56. How many kinds of animals are talked about in the poster(海报)?

A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7

( ) 57. Mr. and Mrs. Brown will take their twins aged 6 to the park. How much will the tickets be together?

A.¥60 B.¥120 C.¥180 D.¥240

( ) 58. Visitors can do the following things EXCEPT_____.


A. giving some food to the tigers B. watching the bears playing games

C. laughing at the dogs from Australia D. taking some pictures

( ) 59. From the passage we can guess the animal "giraffe" must be _____.

A. long B. fat C. tall D. strong

( ) 60. The poster may be made just _____.

A. on New Year's Day B. on Christmas Day

C. after Children's Day D. before Children's Day


Two men are walking in the park. One is Mr. Brown , a worker, the other is Mr. Black. Mr. Brown is going to a chair. It is beside the road. Mr. Black is after him. Mr. Brown finds Mr. Black. Now Mr. Black begins to walk faster(更快). Because he wants to get to the chair before Mr. Black. Now Mr. Black begins to walk faster because he also wants to get to the chair first. Then they both run .Mr. Black runs faster than (比) Mr. Brown. So he gets to the chair first and sits down on it. Mr. Brown runs after Mr. Black. When he gets to the chair. He sees Mr. Black sitting on it. He is sorry to show a notice(通知)with the words "Wet Paint(油漆未干)"to Mr. Black . Now Mr. Black knows why Mr. Brown is going to the chair.

( )61. Where are Mr. Brown and Mr. Black?

A. In the garden B. On the chair C. In the park D. Beside the road

( )62. What are they doing? They are________

A. talking B. walking to the chair C. holding a notice D. sitting on a chair

( )63._________is after_________ at first

A. Mr. Black , Mr. Brown B. The worker, Mr. Brown

C. Mr. Brown , Mr. Black D. Mr. Brown ,The worker


Do you like going to the movies? 61 of the students like movies very much. Last Monday I went to a middle school and 62 some students about their favorite movies. Some of the 63 were really interesting . Here are their likes and 64 .

Rick, 65 eleven –year-old boy, likes watching thrillers because they are scary 66 exciting. His classmate ,Lisa, stand documentaries. She told me 68 were for parents. But she really likes comedies because they are 69 . Victor is a big boy. He said


he didn’t mind documentaries . But he doesn’t like comedies because they are boring . And the coolest movies are action movies. Everyone 70 them very much. 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70

六、补全对话 (5小题,每小题2分,共10分)

W: Hi, Tom! Did you have a great vacation?

M: Yes, I did. W: 71 ?

M:I went to Tokyo Japan. W: 72 ?

M: Last Saturday. W: 73 ?

M: My cousins Barry and Frank. W: 74 ?

M: It was humid and cloudy.

W: Did you like the food there?

M: Yes, I did. W: 75 ?

M: They were very friendly.



Name: Miss Green Age: 30

Job: English teacher Nationality: American

Likes: reading, watching TV, playing basketball Joh: teaching English

Appearance: medium height, curly hair Personality: friendly




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