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1.重点语法:(1) “系动词+形容词”的系表结构及用法。



eg: interested, interesting; excited, exciting; surprised, surprising.


say thanks to____________ a ticket to/ for____________ cheer up____________ in the end= at last= finally _____________ at the end of_________________ care for= take care of= look after_______________ make peace with sb.____________ invite sb. to do sth.______________ invite sb. to somewhere_________________ one of---__________ because of___________ be full of= be filled with______________ come into being____________



(2) 由as---as---, not as/so---as构成的同级比较


be strict with______________ take it easy_______________ by the way__________ deal with_____________ even though/if_____________ not---any longer= no longer talk with/ to____________ take it easy ______________ try to do sth.____________ try doing sth._______________ try on__________ have a try______________ try one’s best to do= do one’s best to do_______________ fail to do sth._____________ at one’s age______________ on one’s /the way (to) ______________


1.重点语法: 简单句的六种基本结构

(1)S+V _________________________





(6)There be--- ________________________________


give sb. a speech________________ make a suggestion_____________ give sb. some advice_______________ follow one’s advice______________ advise sb. (not) to do sth._______________ be confident about_____ __________ in a bad/good mood_________________ in high/low spirits________________ be proud of= take pride in_______________ to one’s surprise_________________ give sb. a surprise=give a surprise to sb. __________________ put on___________ take off___________ get ready for sth.= prepare for sth.__________________ be crowded with____________ have trouble/difficulty (in) doing sth._____________ think over____________ get back to sth._____________ a sense of_________


1.重点语法:动词不定式结构(1)肯定形式:to+V原形 (2)否定形式:not+to+V原形 动词不定式用法(1)使役动词、感官动词跟不带to的动词不定式,但用


(2)help后面的动词不定式可带to, 也可以不带to.

(3)动词不定式和疑问词what, which, how, where,when连用


go on a visit to______________ find out____________ decide on_____________ decide to do sth._____________ make a decision_______________

hear from sb._____________ a three-day visit____________ pay for_____________

look forward to (doing) sth.____________________ the best way to do______________ plan to do sth.____________ make a plan for sth.___________ raise money__________ at/ on the top of---___________________ so---that---__________________


1.重点语法:(1) 由after, before, when, not---until---,while, as, as soon as引导的时间状

语从句。(延续性动词:learn, work, read, walk, sing, wait, live.短暂性

动词:open, close, begin, come, go, buy, borrow, lend, finish.)

(2) 用英语表达方向和方位。


on vacation____________ work out_____________ come along with_____________ can’t wait to do sth.______________ be full of____________ check out__________ one and a half hours= one hour a half______________ as soon as_____________ not---until---___________ can’t help doing sth.____________ one hour’s ride_________ receive sth. from sb._______________ be busy doing sth.______________ 10 meters high/ wide/ deep_______________ be surprised at ________________ in all directions _____________ step on sth.___________ too---to---_____________ be famous for_____________ be famous as____________ ask sb. for help__________ have fun (in) doing sth.___________________


1.重点语法: if引导的条件状语从句:若主句是将来时,祈使句或含有情态动词时,


eg: If you are ill, you must go to see the doctor.

eg: I’ll go to see a film if I have time.

eg: Please ring me up if you want to go with me.


obey the traffic rules_____________ cause air pollution_______________ disagree with sb._______________ break the rules________________

make a wrong turn____________ get a fine__________ cause trouble____________ get hurt_________ in a word____________ pay attention to______________ in case of__________ look out_____________ empty into_______________ on the left-hand side of________________ be crazy about sth._________________ be crazy about sb._______________ fine sb. for doing sth.__________________ notice sb. do sth.________________ notice sb. doing sth.________________


1. 重点语法: that引导的宾语从句 eg: I believe( that) he can finish the work tomorrow.



get in touch with_____________ try one’s best____________ set the table____________ turn to sb.____________ male tea____________ have a sweet tooth_____________ make a change_____________ as a result___________ in order to______________ come true_____________ have a food festival____________ what’s more__________ never mind= it doesn’t matter______________ sooner or later_____________


1.重点语法:(1) whether 与if 引导的宾语从句;

(2) 副词的比较级和最高级。


well done____________ cut up__________ two pieces of bread________________ for the first time______________ table manners____________ start with__________ eat up____________ drink to sb./ sth.______________ finish doing sth.___________ around the world= all over the world= throughout the world_______________________ far away from______________ pick up_____________ at the same time___________ cooked meat______________ be kind to sb.= be friendly to sb._________________ learn to do sth. from sb._________________ learn sth. from sb._________________ raise one’s glass_____________ raise one’s hand____________ raise money__________

raise a family______________ remember (not) to do sth._______________

a four-course dinner__________________




for sale___________ enjoy oneself______________ take one’s order____________ order a meal_____________ have a seat_____________ healthy eating___________ in a right way____________ in short___________ not only---but also---__________ order sb. to do sth.______________ pay/ have/ get the bill_________________ change one’s mind_____________ go well= do well___________ both---and---_______ be worth sth._______________ be worth doing sth.__________________

in a right way________________ in short= in a word___________________


1.重点语法:学习so---that---, ---so that---, such---that---等引导的状语从句。


so---that---_____________ so that_____________ such---that---_______________ look around___________ look good on sb.___________ look good in+颜色__________ be made of/ from___________ protect sb./sth.___________ protect---from---_________ a flower show___________ show sb. around_____________ on business_____________ congratulations (sb.) on sth.________________ succeed in (doing) sth.______________ keep sb./sth.+ adj._________________ keep/stop sb./sth. from doing sth.___________


1.重点语法:(1) 句型It is +adj.+ that---/ It is +adj.+(for sb.) + to do---

(2) 掌握由连接代词/ 副词引导的宾语从句。


depend on____________ by oneself_____________ carry out______________

stop---from---______________ take off_____________ on every occasion____________ in one’s opinion____________ as well as____________ be suitable for sb./ sth.________ suitable to do sth._____________ stop to do sth.___________ stop doing sth._________ on every occasion______________ falling ceiling___________ be similar to__________ be similar in_______________




get its name______________ fashion show____________ from then on___________ stand for_____________ either---or---______________ be sure about/of____________ be known to_____________ be famous for____________ be famous as___________ another three---= three more---_______________ at one tome= once_______________ traditional Chinese medicine_________________ in the world of_________________

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