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1-5 BBBAC 6-10 AACCB 11-15 BCBAC 16-20 BACBC


21-25 BDDAB 26-30 DDBDA


31-35 ACBDA 36-40 CABAC


41-45 DBDBD 46-50 AADCB 51-55 CBDCB


A. 56. relatives 57. abroad 58. proper 59. fined 60. afford

B. 61. eightieth 62. copies 63. treatment 64. Business 65. harmful

C. 66. Are planning 67. has mopped 68. was picking 69. drove 70. is going to be 六.

71. hasn’t, yet 72. to find 73. What a 74. strong enough 75. was written


76. lucky 77. instead 78. return 79. true 80. Sadly


81. Go to a store or supermarket.

82.(Lots of) time, money and energy.

83. (We can buy them )online.

84. Because of the technology improvement.

85. Check the information of the owner.


86. He was the same size of my little finger.

87. Would you mind showing me how to start this online tour?

88. British people only greet relatives or close friends with a kiss.

89. It’s great for us to work closely with these special athletes.

90. We depend on its rich resources to live, so it is important for us to protect it wisely.


八 年 级 英 语 试 题 听 力 材 料


A) 从A、B、C三幅图中找出与你所听内容相符的选项。听两遍。

1.M:What’s Lin Tao?

W: He is a doctor in flying eye hospital.

2. M: How can I help people?

W: If you join the Oxfam Trail Walker, you can help the people in need in a better way.

3. M: Which club can I join?

W:I think it’s better to join the music club, since you are good at playing the piano.

4. M: How are disabled people?

W: Sometimes the disabled people are more thoughtful.

B) 听对话,根据所听对话及问题选择正确答案。听两遍。

5. M: I can’t sleep well these days.

W: Really? You’d better go to see the doctor.

6. M: I like traveling by air. The journey is very interesting.

W: But I don’t think so. The journey is very tiring.

7. W: What class will we have next?

M: Chinese.

8. W: Could you tell me your telephone number?

M: Of course, 87669413.

9. M: Where have you been, Mary? I was looking for you everywhere.

W: I went to the library to look for a book for my English study.

10. M: How can I learn English well, Mrs Liu?

W: I think you should listen to and read it every day.

M: Thank you for your advice.



M: You look worried. What’s the matter? W: I am nervous because of the show, dear.

M: Take it easy. Though it’s the first time for you to hold the show. I am sure it will be a success. W: And I hope people can donate a lot of money after they watch the show.


Summer holiday is coming next week. Everyone in my class has his or her own plan for it. Tom doesn’t want to stay at home for the whole holiday. He plans to spend one week going camping with his friends. David likes travelling. He is going to visit Harbin with his cousins. It’s a good idea to spend time there in summer. He will stay there for 5 days. My best friend Alice is going to have piano classes, because she thinks music can bring her happiness. She wants to be a musician in the future.


Tom wanted to learn painting. His grandpa told him to paint a foot at first. He wanted Tom to watch the model carefully and then paint it on the paper. When his grandpa left the room, Tom looked at the model for a while. Then he took off his shoes and look at his own feet. Suddenly he found an easy way to paint. Tom made his feet black with paint and walked on the paper. At once, his footprints were left on the paper. Soon his grandpa came back and was angry with him, but Tom proudly said that painting the feet was the easiest thing in the world.

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