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人教版九全《Unit 10 Section B》教案

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《Unit 10 Section B》教案

一.学习目标(Language Goal)

1.Learn to narrate past events.学会描述过去所发生的事情。

2.Learn to express something with Past Perfect Tense. 学习使用过去完成时态。

3.Strengthen the consciousness of doing things regularly.做事加强连续性,有条不紊。

二.语言结构(Language Structures)

1.Past perfect Tense 过去完成时

2.“By the time”和“when”引导的时间状语从句

三.目标语言(Target language)

1.By the time I ran outside to the bus stop, the bus had already gone.

2.When I got home,I realized that I had left my homework at school.

3.By the time I woke up, my clock had stopped for two hours/since two hours ago 4 By the time I got to the cinema, the film had already started.

5.When I got to the party, Jim had already gone home for an hour

四.重点词组(Key phrases)

Key points:

1 embarrassed/embarrassing

2 get dressed 盛妆打扮,穿衣服

dress sb 给某人穿衣服

dress oneself 给自己穿衣服

3 one---,the other---一个---,另一个(两者之间)/一部分---,剩余部分

4 Sth happen to sb 某人发生了什么事情

Sb happen to do sth 某人碰巧做某事

5 invite sb to sw 邀请某人去某地

invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事


2a Dave, Nick, and Joe are talking about April Fool’s Day. Listen and write each person’s name under his picture.


2b Listen again. Who says each of the phrases below? Write “D” for Dave, “N” for Nick, and “J” for Joe.


六.疑难解析(Key Points)





<4>一般用复数名词的所有格,如:Teachers' Day 教师节,Children's Day 儿童节,Women's Day 妇女节等;但也有用单数名词所有格的,如:Mother's Day 母亲节,Father's Day 父亲节等。例如:


1 3b Write a magazine story about Nick in activities 2a and 2b. Use the notes below 2 看图说话(能力延伸)。

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