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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation

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每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?

本节课的内容与要点: 脚踏实地,一步一个脚印!






go -_______ take-_______ have-_______ buy-_______ eat-_______ see-_______ keep-_______ get-_______ are-_______ feed-_______

say-_______find -_______ forget-_______ feel-_______ ride-_______

drink-_______ learn-_______come-_______



1,He always _______(help) others. 2,He_______(climb) mountains last weekend.

3,The sun __________(rise) from the east. 4,They _______(come) to our school three years ago. 5,The child often _______(watch) TV in the evening. 6,Mike sometimes __________ (go) to the park with his sister. 7,They______ (sing) and ______ (dance) at the party yesterday.

8 . She likes ______ (read)newspapers, so he ________ (read)them every day, but she ______ (read)a book yesterday.

9. It is dangerous to 10. Oven _______ (become) a famous professional soccer player when he was 20 years old.

11. Yesterday he (buy) a gift for me.

12. 二,句式变化:

1,We are going to have a rest.


变成一般疑问句:__________________________________, 变成否定句:__________________________________



对划线部分提问: __________________________________

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)




用three days ago改写:__________________________________







用 twice a week改写:__________________________________

A. build B. were building C. built D. are building

2.A:What’s your brother doing now?B: He is a kite.

A. fly B. flying C. flies D. flew

3. — How was your trip to Hang Zhou, Jim?—Great! We ___ to Xixi National Wetland Park.

A. go B. am going C. will go D. went

4. The last time I ______ to the cinema was two years ago.

A. go B. have gone C. have been D. went

5. — Have you ever been to Canada? —A. have been B. have gone C. went D. go

6. —I ______ something wrong just now. May 1 use your eraser?—Of course. Here you are.

A. write B. wrote C. am writing

7. The population of the world still now.

A. will; grow B. has; grown C. is; growing D. is; grown

8. Look! Jack and his monkey _________ flying disk together in the garden.

A. is playing B. was playing C. are playing D. were playing

9. Listen! Someone _________ for help! A. called B. is calling C. has called

10. Listen, our teachers ______ Red Songs in the next room. A. sang B. are singing C. sings

tennis yesterday. He did much better than I.

A. play B. will play C. played D. are playing

☆ 不定代词讲与练


带some的放在肯定句中 比如 something, Somebody 变为否定句和疑问句时要把some改为any

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

变为anything, anybody


1. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook__________for me during my stay in Canada.

A. something different B. anything different C. nothing different

2. --- How is Helen in the new school?--- She is doing very well. There is ______ to worry about.

A something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

3. ——Would you like to have _____ coffee? ——No, thanks. I don’t want _____ drinks now.

A.any; any B.any; some C.some; some D.some; any

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

5. —’s newspaper?—No, nothing.

A. anything important B. something important C. important anything D. important something6 . —Where would you like to go on vacation, Lily?—It’s hot here. I’d like to go ________.

A. anywhere cool B. cool somewhere C. somewhere cool

7,.You look worried! Is___________ all right?

A. everything B. something C. anything D.nothing


1. I guess Peter and his sister Sally enjoyed at the dancing party.

A. myself B. himself C. herself D. themselves

2. -Jack ,who helped____ make the m model ship?-Nobody! I made it all by _______________. A, your,; my B. your , mine C. you ,myself D. you , mine

3. Don't worry about me. I'm old enough to think for______.

A. himself B. herself C. yourself D. myself

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☆too much , too many , much too辨析

Watching TV ____________ is bad for your eyes. 看电视太多对你的眼睛有害。

I have ______________ homework to do. 我有太多的作业要做。

There are___________ passengers in the station. 车站上乘客太多。

The job is _____________ difficult for me to finish in a day.一天内完成这项工作对我来说实在太难了。 ☆few , a few , little , a little辨析

I have _______ friends here, so I feel lonely. 我在这里没有朋友,因此我感到孤独。

I have_________ apples. Please help yourselves to them. 我有些苹果,请随便吃。

There is________ water in the bottle. 瓶子里没有水了。

We have _________ meat in the fridge , please take it out.冰箱里还有一点肉 ,请把它拿出来。

☆find/ find out/ look for辨析

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

I ____my pen everywhere,but I couldn’t ______it.

A found, find out B looked for, find out C found out, look for D looked for, find

☆ 感官动词讲与练




A. taste B. touch C. seem D. feel

A. looks B. tastes C. sounds

3. –Do you like your new T-shirt?–Yes. It _______ very soft.

A. feels B. sounds C. smells

4. —Dinner is ready. Help yourself!—Wow! It ______ delicious. Could you please tell me how to cook it?

A. tastes B. looks C. sounds D. Feels

5.—Why do you want to stay at home?—Because I ______ good when I am with my family.

A. smelt B. feel C. taste D. sound 中

6. I really enjoy the noodles and vegetables. They _______ delicious.

A. stay B. feel C. taste D. sound


◎It seems+that 从句

It seems that he would never be able to work out the question.

◎seem+形容词 Your father seems quite happy.。

◎seem+动词不定式 Li Fang seems to know everything.


―It seems+that 从句‖通常可以转化成―名词/代词+seems+动词不定式短语‖这一简单句型 It seems that she doesn’t get on well with her classmates.


______________________________________. = Yu Mei seems to have changed a lot.

★because of 与because 区别

Eg. He didn’t play for his national team because he was ill . (同义句)

He didn’t play for his national team_______ ______his __________ .

☆to 表目的

eg I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax.

What a different a day makes!一天的差异是多么的大啊


每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

1. ______ fine day it is! Let's go and fly a kite.

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

A. How B. What C. How a D. What a

A. What B. How C. What a

4. Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them ___ a friendly person you are.

A. what B. how C. when D. where

5. interesting it is to go sailing in Qingdao in summer!

A. What B. What an C. How D. How an

6. ---________the little girl looks! ----That’s true. She can’t find her Teddy Bear.

A. How sad B. What sad C. What sadly D. How sadly

7. ________ nice hat it is! A .How B .What C .What a

8.—_______ delicious beef! —Well.You can eat more if you like it.

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

9. — ______ clever the girl is! — So she is.

A. How B. What C. What a


on vacation 度假

stay at home呆在家里

study for tests 为考试而学习

go out with sb 和某人一起出去

take photos照相

keep a diary写日记

buy sb sth=buy sth for sb为某人买某物

have a good time=have fun = enjoy oneself

wait for sb 等待某人

decide to do sth 决定做某事

try to do 努力做某事

try one’s best to do sth 竭尽全力做某事

enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事

start doing sth=start to do sth 开始做某事

keep doing 保持做某事

shopping center 购物中心

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

arrive in/at =get to =reach 到达

dislike doing sth 不喜欢做某事

would like to do sth=want to do sth=feel like doing sth想要做某事

How do you like sth = What do you think of sth=How do you feel about sth

There is nothing to do but do sth 除了…之外.无事可做

have nothing to do but do sth

forget to do sth 忘记做某事

on a school trip 在学校郊游



1.My mother did the housework yesterday.(改为否定句)

My mother ____________ ____________ the housework yesterday.

2.They saw some sharks at the aquarium.(改为一般疑问句)

____________ they ____________ ____________ sharks at the aquarium?


____________ ____________ you ____________ to the beach?


______ _______ late for school yesterday?

_____ _______ late for school?(换线提问) ______ _____Joe going to the movies _______? 6,How did you like it?(同义句)

How did you______ ________it?= ________did you ________ _________it?

7. Still on one seemed to be bored. (同义句)

Still _____seemed_______on one _______bored.


1, Would you like __________(come) to my office __________(discuss) the report?

2, He’s trying ________(go) out, please ________(help) him _______(open) the door. 3,We can’t do _________(something)

4,He story sounds_____________(interested).

5,I will try my best_______(finish)the work.

6,There was nothing _______( do) in the every but _______( read)

7,Everyone in my family dislike___________(watch)TV.

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

翻译 看看你对课文的理解掌握程度。

我们拍了相当多的照片。 We _______ ________ _______ ________ photos.

我们应该每天写日记。 We should_______ ________every day.

我有重要的事情要告诉你。 I have_______ _______ ________ tell you.


I just _______ at home _______ _______the time _______ _______homework.

所有的东西都很好吃。 _______ _______really good.

你喂小猪了吗?当然。 _______you_______the baby pig? _______ _______


The only_______is that_______was _______much _______do _______ _______.

他似乎很兴奋。 He _______ _______ _______very _______

我感觉自己就像一只小鸟。 I _______ _______ I was a bird.


A. too much; too much B. much too; much too C. much too; too much D. too much; much too

2. This school morning fun because he his homework.

A. was, didn’t do B. wasn’t, didn’t did

C. wasn’t, didn’t do D. had fun, don’t do

3. —Hi, Amy! How your school trip to the beach.—Hi, Tom! We a good time there.

A. is, having B. was, had C. are, had D. were, have

4. The students very tired. So they a bus back to school.

A. are, took B. were, take C. were, took D. is, takes

the school trip.

A. in B. at

C. on D. of D. What was, like D. did, did 6.——?——It was very fine. A. How was, like A. do, do B. What’s, like B. were, do C. How’s,/ C. did, do on your last vacation?

English last team?

A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learned

9.I have _______homework to do this evening.

A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too

10. —Mr. Hu, I left my homework at home.—You can _______ it here this afternoon.

A. bring B. take C. carry

11. — Look! There is a horse racing program on TV now.— Hmm .... It ________ exciting.

A. seems B. looks like C. feels D. seems like

12. ------Is there ______________in today’s menu?-------Yes. We have Beijing Duck.

A. anything special B. special anything C. nothing special D. special nothing

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

13. Mary got good grades in school. ______ excited she is!

A. What B. What a C. How

14. --- _______ fine weather it is! Let’s go swimming. --- Why not? Let’s go.

A. What a B. How C. What

15. The text is very easy for you. There are _____ new words in it.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

16. The visitors _________here two hours ago. A.arrived in B.got to C.arrived D.arrived in

17. Some boys of China enjoy _____ music. A. listen to B. listens to C. listening to D. listened to

18. The music ______ interesting.A. listens B. looks C. sounds D. hears

19. He often helps me _________ my English. A. after B.with C. to D.of

20. _______ beautiful flowers they are! A. How B. What C. What a

21. ______ clever boy he is! A. How a B. What a C. How

22. —Look, __________ dirty the water is!----Yes, we should really take some actions to deal with it.

A. what a B. what C. how D. how a

23--- What ______ sweet music! Do you know who wrote it?--- Beethoven, I think.

A. / B. a C. an D. the

完形填空 漂浮眼皮).

I know fish But goldfish can only remember things for three . They don’t knowhappened to them a moment ago .That’s interesting .

( ) 1. A. can’t B. can C. didn’t D. did

( ) 2. A. close B. open C. closed D. opened

( ) 3. A. when B. where C. why D. how

( ) 4. A. in the morning B. at noon C. in the afternoon D. at night

( ) 5. A. moving B. sleeping C. dancing D. jumping

( ) 6. A. and B. but C. or D. then

( ) 7. A. so B. but C. though D. because

( ) 8. A. forget B. remember C. see D. hear

( ) 9. A. month B. days C. seconds D. week

( ) 10. A. why B. what C. when D. where



Many people like to travel during their vacations. Some people travel in tour groups ( 旅游团 ) because they think it is safe and cheap. A tour guide takes care of the group and makes sure the group can see a lot of interesting and beautiful Other people like to travel alone or with friends. If you travel by yourself, you are free to see what you want to see.

People travel for many reasons. Some people travel to learn more about other countries’ people, culture, food and languages. Some people travel for adventure ( 冒险 ). They want to do some different things, such as skiing, bungee jumping and mountain climbing. Other people like to shop when they travel. They look for new things or cheap ones. There are different ways to travel. Some people take trains, boats or buses, some fly, and others drive cars. Some people like to travel slowly and spend a long time in each place, while others like to take quick tours and visit more places in a short time.

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)


( )1.What does ―sights‖ mean in the first paragraph in Chinese?

A. 视野 B. 风景 C. 视力 D. 情景

( )2. Why do some people like to travel alone?

A. Because they want to see interesting sights.

B. Because they have different ways to travel.

C. Because they are free to see what they want to see.

D. Because they want to learn more about people from other countries.

( )3.According to the passage, people travel for______.

A. adventure B. shopping.

C. learning more about another country D. All the above

( )4. Some people take quick tours because ______.

A. they travel by car B. they like to visit many places in a short time

C. they have a lot of time for traveling. D. they want to spend a long time in each place

( )5. The best title for the passage is ____.

A. Going on a Vacation B. Traveling to Another Country

C. Why People Travel D. The Kinds of Travel


A student called up his Mom one evening from his college and asked her for some money, because he broke his leg. His mother said, ― Sure, my son. I will send you some money. You also left your math book at home two weeks ago. Do you want me to send that up,too?‖ ―Uhh, oh yeah, O.K.‖ answered the kid. So his Mom wrapped(捆绑) the book along with the checks(支票) up , and went to the post office to mail the money and the book. When she gets back,Dad asked,‖Well how much did you give the boy this time?‖

―Oh, I wrote two checks, one for $20 and the other for #1,000.‖ ―That’s $1020!!!‖ shouted Dad, ―Are you going crazy???‖ ―Don’t worry, honey,‖ Mom said, ―I put the $20 check on the cover of his book, but I put the $1,000 in the book.


1.Why did the student called up his mum for money? ________________________________________________

2.What did he leave at home two weeks ago?


3.How much money did the mom send the boy this time?


4.Where did Mum put the $20 check?


5.How could the boy find the $1000 check?



Two men were traveling in a very wild part of America. They didn’t see a man. They did not even see a house. Then one day they met an old Indian who made his living by hunting(狩猎). They found that he knew his language and they talked for a while. One of them asked him if he could tell them what the weather would be like within the next few days.

―Oh, yes ,‖ he said .‖It is very cold below zero. Then there will be snow for two days, but after that there will be

每日一句 . Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。)

bright sunshine‖

―Isn’t that beautiful?‖ said one man to his friend.“The old Indian knows more of the secrets of nature than we do .‖ Then he turned to the old Indian.

―Tell me ,‖ he said, ―how do you know all that?‖

The Indian replied ,‖I heard it on the radio.‖


( )1.They saw _______ in the part of America where the two men were traveling?

A. only one man

A. traveler B. a few men C. no men D. a lot of men ( )2.The old Indian was a . B. hunter(猎人) C. scientist D. weatherman

B. he had lived there for many years

D. his friends told him so

C. Autumn D. Winter ( A. he knew the secrets of nature C. the broadcast (广播)said so A. Spring B. Summer ( ( .

A. The two men had planned to travel for four days in the part of America

B. The old Indian couldn’t understand the two travelers

C. The two travelers had a short talk with the old Indian

D. The old Indian was a strange man

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