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Make delicious Dumplings 制作饺子

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Make delicious Dumplings

Step1: Choose ingredients
We have some common choices that most people would use. meat

Step1: Choose ingredients


Step1: Choose ingredients
Flour Seasoning

Step2: Make a dough
? Mix flour and water together, knead into the dough until it becomes ……

Step3:Make the fillings
Cut up all the ingredients

Step3:Make the fillings
? Mix them with your seasoning, better always stir them to one direction (because if you have pressed vegetable to remove water, the mixture will be dry and hard to mix). ?

Step3:Make the fillings

Step4:Make the skin
Divide the dough into little blocks, press each of them flat, then use a rolling pin to roll them thin. But remember, to make your skin strong enough, make sure the center of the skin is a little thicker than the edge.

Step5:Make dumplings

Step5: Make dumplings
Spoon a little fillings and put it at the center of the skin, then fold it.

Step6:Boil the dumplings
That is the last step. Put a pot of water on the stove. When the water is boiling, put the dumplings one by one into the water and cover the pot. When steam comes out, add more cold water and when it boils again add cold water a second time. When you see the dumplings floating in boiling water, you can put them in bowls or plates, get the chopsticks and be ready to eat.


The different dumplings

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