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满分:100分 考试时间:60分钟

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1. Her eyes were fixed on the plate. She it .

(a) was glancing at (b) was staring at (c)was thinking about (d)was stuck to

2. He wanted to settle down in the country. He wanted to .

(a) rest there (b) live there permanently

(c) live there for a while ( d) go there for a visit

3. He hasn’t regretted it. He it.

(a) isn’t sorry about (b) doesn’t pity (c) isn’t pleased with (d) doesn’t laugh about

4. That was all she remembered. She couldn’t very much.

(a) remind (b) memorise (c) recollect (d) mind

5. Spare parts for aeroplanes are made in Frank’s (a) industry (b) fabric (c) factory (d) workhouse

6. It’s a lonely village. It is .

(a) far (b) far from anywhere (c)alone (d) the only one

7. They slept soundly. They slept (a) noisily (b) fast (c) deeply (d) good

8. This curtain material is very good .

(a) clothes (b) cloth (c) substance (d) matter

9. My teacher me English.

(a) learnt (b) trained (c) instructed (d) taught

10. Work on it had begun before my sister left. My sister left it had begun. (a) after (b) without (c) behind (d) soon


1. I took my seat beside her. I beside her.

(a) sat (b) seated (c) was sitted (d) was seating

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2. He will have to stay in hospital. That’s what he (a) has done (b) must do (c) must be doing (d) must have done

3. The buildings have been designed by Kurt Gunter, so the designs (a) are not complete yet (b) are now complete

(c) will be completed soon (d) haven’t been completed yet

4. He noticed two thieves out of a shop.

(a) to come (b) are coming (c) in coming (d) come

5. That was all she remembered. She couldn’t remember .

(a) some more (b) anymore (c) no more (d) none more

6. People are not so honest as they once were. They are honest.

(a) as (b) so (c) less (d) fewer

7. Why did they kick the ball so (a ) hardly (b) hard (c) hardy (d) hardily

He can’t get into his garage.

(a) For this (b) Because (c) That’s why (d) Because of

9. He didn’t speak slowly and he didn’t speak clearly .

(a) neither (b) either (c) too (d) nor

10. I like my sister’s house. It’s a .

(a) new beautiful house (b) beautiful house new

(c) beautiful new house (d) new house beautiful


The Olympic Games will be four years’ time. As a great . The Games will be held just

work on the new stadium. The fantastic modern buildings have been d 第 2 页 共 2 页

. We are all very excited and are looking to the Olympic Games


1. amusing a自己的

2. pay the bill b盼望,期待

3. channel c付账

4. neither …nor … d没过多久

5. comfortable e 既不…又不…

6. stream f焦急地

7. of one’s own g海峡

8. shortly afterwards h小溪

9. look forward to I 舒适的,安逸的

10. anxiously j好笑的,有趣的


1. You are a clever girl! (用what来引导)

2. They are sending him abroad. (变为被动句)

3. I’ll see you tomorrow. (改为将来进行时)

4.‘ I am very tired,’ he said. (换为间接引语)

5. The engine was worn out. The gearbox was full of sawdust. (用The engine… not only… but …as well改写)

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