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Unit 11 How was your school trip?
Section B 1a—2c

Make up a story. Each student adds a sentence. If he or she can’t add a sentence, he or she must sing an English song.

Last week, I_______________. I __________ in the zoo. After that I ___________. I ___________________. __________________. 1 go to the zoo 2 visit a museum 3 ride a horse 4 climb a mountain 5 visit a fire station 6 go fishing

1a Match the activities with the pictures. a 1. go to the zoo __ 4. climb a mountain __ e
c 5. visit a fire station __ d 2. visit a museum __ b 3. ride a horse __ 6. go fishing __ f

fire station bus/train/ subway + station

1b Listen and answer the questions.
1. How was Jane’s trip? It was terrible. ____________________ 2. How was Tony’s trip? ____________________ It was great.

1c Listen again. What did Jane and Tony do on their last school trip? Check√ Tony or Jane.
went to climbed went to saw drew some pictures the a an art countryside mountain museum paintings Tony Jane

√ √ √
painting n.油画? paintings paint v.绘画,给….上油漆

drew ? draw

1d What was your last school trip like?

Discuss it with your partner with
the following words. interesting exciting lucky delicious difficult boring large great lovely cool cheap slow hot fast

expensive terrible

A: I went to a farm on my last school trip. There were many animals on the farm. They were very lovely. B: That sounds great. A: How was your school trip? B: It was __________ A: How was the food there? B: It was _____________ A: How was the weather? B: It was ___________

2a Do the following words describe good things or bad things? Put a √ for good and an × for bad. Leave a blank if they can mean both.

___ interesting ___ slow ___ cool ___ large ___delicious ___ fast

___ difficult ___ exciting ___ hot ___ expensive ___ great

___ lovely ___ boring ___ lucky __ terrible ___ cheap


Read Helen’s and Jim’s diary entries and answer the questions. entry 登记,记载? entries

1. Did Helen and Jim go on the same trip? Yes, they did. They went on the same trip. 2. How do they feel about the trip?
Helen thought the trip was really interesting. But Jim thought the trip was terrible.

1)go on the same trip 去同一个旅行 the same +n单数 different +n-s 2)How do/does …feel about…?感到……怎么样?

June 15th Today I went on a school trip. We visited the science museum and it was really interesting. We got there so fast by train. We saw some farms and villages along the way. At the museum ,I learned a lot about robots. I didn’t know they could play chess with us. It was so cool! Then the guide taught us how to make a model robot. I took a lot of great photos, too . After that , I went to the gift shop and bought some lovely gifts for my parents. They weren’t expensive . All in all , it was exciting day.

June 15th I think today’s school trip was terrible. We took the train to the museum. It was so hot on the

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