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M10 Unit 1



( ) 1.---You ‘d better not keep the window______ when you sleep .

---It’s not save.

A. open B. opening C. closed D. closing

( ) 2. Could you tell me ______ ?

A. where do you live B. where you live C. you live where D. where you live in

( ) 3.---Could I borrow your camera?

----______,but please give it back by Saturday.

A.I am sorry B .Of course C. Certainly not D. No thanks

( ) 4.Feng Xiaogang is a famous Chinese ______ and he directed (导演) 2014 Spring Festival Gala.

A. singer B. writer C. doctor D. director

( )5.---Do you know ______ the boy went to the park?

—His father drove him there.

A. why B. when C. how D. where

( )6.---Excuse me, where is the No. 15 table?

—______, please. It’s the one near the window.

A. Don’t worry B. Come this way C. You’re welcome D. It doesn’t matter

( )7.---Can you speak English ,Mr Wang ?

---Yes ,but only ______ .

A. little B. a little C. a lot D. a few


Welcome to your favourite radio show ,“Music Wonderland”!March 21 is the birthday of Bach, the Father of Music. So this week we are going to have several ___1____ programmes for this great man of music.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Germany in 1685. ___2____ his lifetime, Bach wrote a lot of music for the church and his students, but he himself didn’t ___3___his own work carefully . ____4___,his second wife copied them and saved them for ___5____,so today we can still remember Bach through his music.

Bach ____6___ twice and he loved his family very much. ___7____ his first wife planned to learn the piano, he wrote music for his wife . Then he ___8____ wrote for one of his daughters to tell her that too much coffee was bad for her ___9____.

I am now going to play a song for you from this interesting Coffee Cantata. And we will ___10 ____ more about Bach after the song.

( )1. A. person B. awful C. dull D. special

( )2. A. During B. About C. Past D. Besides

( )3. A. send B. keep C. buy D. connect

( )4. A. Weekly B. Especially C. Luckily D. Absolutely

( )5 .A. him B. it C. her D. us

( )6 .A. hate B. fed C. proved D. married

( )7 .A. When B. If C. After D. Where

( )8. A. also B. both C. too D. never

( )9. A. bike B. clothes C .health D .lessons

( )10.A.watch B hear C. see D .look


Unit 2当堂检测题


( )1.Shouldn′t you ______ school at your age ?

A. in B .at C. to be at D. be at

( )2..I don’t think it is right to ______ the poor.

A. look down B. look back to C. look down at D. look back on

( )3.There ______ a knife and fork on the table.

A. seems to be B. seeming to be C. is seeming to be D. are

( )4.—Do you want ______ sandwich?

---Yes, I usually eat a lot when I’m hungry.

A. other B. another C. others D. the other

( )5.He must be at home because the light in his room ______.

A. bright B. opens C. is on D. is open

( )6.—I’m very tired these days because I study for physics.

--Why not ______ music? It can make you ______.

A. Listen to ;relaxing B. to listen to ; to relax C. listening to ;relax D. listen to ;relax

( )7.Mary , keep ______ hard and you’ll be successful.

A. studying B .to study C. studies D. study

( )8.It ______ that he would finish the work the next day .

A. seems B. seemed C. feels D. felt

( )9.I don’t know ______ .

A. what say B. how say C. what to say D. to how say it

( )10.The music made me think of the ______ of a running stream.

A. sound B. voice C. noise D. shout


The English channel of school radio station will choose some students to work there.

Reporters wanted

Do you like talking with people? Do you like meeting interesting people? We want two reporters for our station. If you’re good at English and writing, please join us. If you want to get more information, please call Miss Li at 89561423.

A newsreader wanted

If your spoken English is good, you can work as a newsreader. We need a girl student who has a good voice. You should work at 9:00-9:30 in the morning from Monday to Thursday. You can call Miss Zhu at 89561424.

Join us! We are waiting for you!

( )11. How many students does the radio station want?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four. ( 12. Lucy is interested in talking with people, so she can call ______.

A. 89561423 B. 89561424 C. 89561425 D. 89561426

( )13. A newsreader should ______.

A. be good at writing B. be good at laughing C. have a good voice D. have good English marks

( )14. The newsreaders in the school radio station don’t have to work on ______.

A. Mondays B. Wednesdays C. Thursdays D. Fridays

( )15. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Anyone can work as a newsreader in the radio station.

B. You can call Miss Li to get more information about reporters.

C. The newsreader should work at 9:30~10:30.

D. The school English channel is for students all around the world.


M10 Unit 1

一.1—7.A B B D C B B

二.1—5.D A B C A 6—10 D A A C B Unit 2 一. 1—5. D C A B C

二.11--15. C A C D B 6—10. DA B C A

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