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一. 日常生活中与医生之间的简单会话

1. -----How can I help you ?

----I’ve got a toothache and have a fever .

2 . ---How long have you been like this ?

---I’ve been ill for three days .

3.---Let me take your temperature.

4.---I’ll give you some medicine.Take it three times a

day .And you’ll be OK.


1.Who’s calling ?/Who’s speaking ?/Who’s that ?

2.This is XXX( speaking) .

3.Could I speak to XXX?

4.Can I take a message ?

5.Hold on,please./Hole the line ,please./Wait a minute!


1.My hobby is playing volleyball.

2.Hobbies can make you grow as a person ,develop your interests and help you learn new skills.

3.My hobby doesn’t cost as much as yous.


1. What’s the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样?

2. How’s the weather in…? …地方的天气怎么样?

3. It’s fine/cloudy/windy/rainy, etc. 今天天气不错/多云/刮风/下雨…

4. Lovely weather ,isn’t it? 天气不错,是吗?

5. What a heavy rain! 好大的雨!

6. What a strong wind! 好大的风!

五. 购物

1.What can I do for you? 你想买点什么?

2.May/Can I help you?

3.I want/I’d like…/I am looking for… 我想买点….

4.How much is it? 多少钱?

5.That’s too much/expensive, I’m afraid. 我恐怕太贵了。

6.That’s fine. I’ll take it. 那行,我买了。

7.How many/much do you want? 你想要多少?

8.What colour/size/kind do you want? 你想要..颜色/型号/款式的?

9.Is that all? 就这些吗?

10.Do you have any other kind/size/colour,etc.? 你有别的款式/型号/颜色吗?


1.What day is (it) today? 今天星期几?

2.What’s the date today? 今天是几号?

3.What time is it? 现在几点了?

4.What’s the time, please? 请问现在几点了?

5.It’s Monday/Tuesday, etc. 今天星期一/星期二。

6.It’s June 20th. 今天是六月二十日。

7.It’s five o,clock/half past five/a quarter to five/five thirty, etc.现在是XX点了。

8.It’s time for…/to do 是到该做…的时候了。


1.Excuse me. Where’s…? 对不起,请问….在哪里?

2.Excuse me, can you tell me the way to…? 打扰一下,你能告诉我去…的路吗?

3.How can I get to…? I don’t know the way. 怎样能到达….我不知道路。

4.Go down this street. 沿着这条路直走。

5.Turn right/left at the first/second crossing. 在第一个/第二个路口左转/右转。

6.It’s about …metres from here. 大概有…米远。

7.Is it far? 它很远吗?

8.You’d better take a bus. 你最好乘公交车。

9.Which bus should I take ? 我应该做哪路车呢?

10.Sorry, you’d better ask the police for help. 对不起,你最好向警察寻求帮助。

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