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Name the kinds of museums

that you know.

science museum film museum

history museum

computer museum

art museum

nature museum space museum

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

兵马俑 鸟巢 游乐园 太空博物馆 自然博物馆 历史博物馆 艺术博物馆 水上乐园 军事博物馆 故宫

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the Terracotta Army the Birds’ Nest amusement park space museum nature museum history museum art museum water park military museum the Palace museum



the International Museum of Toilets in India

Hangzhou National Tea Museum

progress invent unbelievable v. 发明; 创造 adj. 难以置信的; v.& n. 进步; 进展 不真实的
rapid adj. 迅速的; 快 速的

tea set 茶具

social adj. 社会的

peaceful adj. 和平的; 安宁的

tea art 茶艺

performance n. 表演; 演出

perfect adj. 完美的; 完全的

unusual adj. 特别的;不寻常的

collect v. 收集; 采集

itself pron. (it的反 身代词)它自己

toilet n. 坐便器; 厕所

Read the article and match the words with its meaning.
1. progress 1. make sth. better

2. rapid
3. unusual

2. become better
3. uncommon

4. peaceful
5. improve

4. quiet
5. made


6. quick

3a. Three students talk about the most interesting museums they have ever been to. Read the magazine article and answer the questions.
1. Which three museums do the students
talk about? 2. What do you think is the most interesting thing about each museum?

1. Which three museums do the students talk about? The American Computer Museum; The International Museum of Toilets; The Hangzhou National Tea Museum. 2. What do you think is the most interesting

thing about each museum?
The Hangzhou National Tea Museum is the most interesting one.

Ken: The most interesting museum I’ve ever been to is the American Computer Museum. They have information about different computers and who invented them. The old computers were much bigger. It’s unbelievable that technology has progressed in such a rapid way! I’ve also learned that there was a special computer. It could play chess even better than humans. I wonder how much more computers will be able to do in the future.

Amy: I’ve recently been to a very unusual museum in India, the International Museum of Toilets. I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw so many different kinds of toilets there. The museum teaches people about the history and development of toilets. It also encourages governments and social groups to think about ways to improve toilets in the future.

Linlin: Last year I went to the Hangzhou National Tea Museum. It’s a relaxing and peaceful place near a lake. The tea art performances show how to make a perfect
cup of tea with beautiful tea sets. Watching the tea preparation is just as enjoyable as drinking the tea itself. I’ve finally realized why my grandpa loves drinking tea and collecting tea sets.

( F ) 1. American Computer Muse

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