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Unit 9

Have you ever been to a museum?

1a. Match the pictures with the names.

c ___the Terracotta Army ___ a the Great Wall ___the Bird's Nest ___ b the Palace d Museum

1b. Listen to a student interviewing a foreign student. Check (?) th questions you hear.
____ ? Have you visited the Palace Museum?

? Have you been to the Great Wall? ____
____ Have you been to the Bird's Nest?

____ Have you seen the Terracotta Army?

? Have you tried Chinese food? ____

1c. Listen again and take notes.
Peter Name:_______________ Australia Country:______________ For two weeks How long in China:______________
Places visited:__________________________ the Palace Museum; the

___________________________ Great Wall; the Bird's Nest;
___________________________ the Terracotta Army;

Food: ______________________ Beijing Duck

A: Have you visited Xi'an ?
B: Yes, I went there last summer.

A: Have you been to the Terracotta Army ?
B: Of course. It was fantastic.

A: Have you seen …?
A: Have you tried …?

1d. What places have you been to? Ask your partner.
Have you visited ... ?

Have you been to …?
Have you seen …? Have you tried …?

Australia: Sydney

France: Paris

Russia: Moscow

The United States: New York

2a. What do you know or want to know

about Singapore? Discuss it with your group.

What do you know about Singapore?

southeast wonderful population quarter fear excellent Night Safari

2b:New words and expressions
极好的 人口

东南部; 东南的

害怕, 担心


environment natural temperature equator whenever spring autumn season awake type

环境 自然的;自然界的 温度 赤道 无论何时 春天 秋天 季节 醒着的 类型

in Southeast Asia 度假胜地 a wonderful place to take a holiday 超过四分之三的…… more than three quarters of… 练习英语的好地方 a good place to practice English 中国以外(的地方) outside of China 担心…… fear that… 来自中国的食物 food from China not have any problem finding rice 不费劲找到米饭 feel brave 觉得勇敢 an excellent place 一个绝好的地方

尝试新食物 西餐

似乎很奇怪 天黑 在白天 如此特殊 醒来 做某事的最好时间 一个更自然的环境

try new food western food Night Safari seem strange It’s dark. during the daytime so special wake up It’s the best time to do…. a more natural environment


a normal zoo


almost the same
all year round


be close to the equator
be not too far from…

2c. The statements below are false. Use information from the article to correct them.
1. Most people in Singapore only speak English. 2. It is not easy to get many different kinds of good food in Singapore. 3. It is better to see lions and tigers during the daytime because they will probably be awake. 4. It is best to visit Singapo

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