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Unit 7 Unit 8

It’s raining! Is there a ;post office near here?


Unit 7┃ 语法探究

Ⅰ.有关天气的表达: 询问天气的句型: How's the weather? =What's the weather like? 常见天气的描述: 1. 晴朗: It's sunny./The sun is shining brightly.

2. 阴天: It's cloudy.
3. 刮风: It's windy./The wind is blowing. 4. 下雨: It's raining/rainy.

5. 下雪: It's snowing/snowy.


Unit 7┃ 语法探究
Ⅱ.电话常用语 1. 我是?? 2. 3. 4. 你是??吗? 是的,我就是。 请问您是谁? This is? (speaking). Is that ? (speaking)? Yes,speaking. Who is that speaking?


我可以和??讲话吗? May I speak to ??


Unit 7┃ 语法探究 6. 他不在这儿。 He's not here. 7. 我能给??捎口信吗? Could I take a message for ?? 8. 你能告诉他给我回电话吗? Could you tell him to call me back? 9. 当然,没问题。 Sure,no problem. 10. 别挂断。 Hold on. 11. 请稍候。 Just a moment, please.


Unit 7┃ 语法探究

( C )1.[2012·聊城] —Hello, may I speak to John, please?
—________ A. C. Who are you? This is John speaking. B. D. What's the matter? He is John.

( B )2. —May I speak to Annie, please?

A. C. Yes, you're right Thank you B. D. Speaking She is fine


Unit 7┃ 能力提升训练

Ⅰ. 补全对话,每空一词 A:1._______are you from? Where B:I am from England. A:What's the weather 2.________in England? like B:It's very nice now. The weather is never too 3.________or too cold. hot A:Oh, it's very nice. But in China it's often too cold in winter and it's too hot in 4.___________. summer B:Yes, I like winter in China because I can skate ( 滑 冰)on real ice in winter. A:But I like summer. I can swim in 5.____________pools swimming in summer.
英语· 新课标(RJ)

? 1. not bad 不错

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2. at the park 在公园 3. have a good time / have a great time / have fun / enjoy oneself 过得很愉快 4. take a message for … 为……捎个口信 5. call sb. back 给某人回电话 6. no problem 没问 题 7. right now 现在 8. talk on the phone 通过 电话交谈 9. some of ………当中的一些 10. by the pool 在游 泳池边 11. drink orange juice 喝橙汁 12. study hard 努 力学习 13. on a vacation 在度假 14. in the mountains 在山里 15. call sb. 给某人打电话 16. write to sb. 给某人 写信

? 1. tell sb. (not) to do sth. 告诉某人(不要) 做某事 ? 2. have a great time + (in) doing sth. 愉快 地做某事 ? 3. just right for doing sth. 做某事正合适

? 1. How’s the weather? 天气怎么样? ? 2. It’s cloudy. / It’s sunny. / It’s raining. 天气多云。/ 天气 晴朗。/ 天

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