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七年级 英语 学科 试题

一. 基础知识(35分)

根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。(5分) 1. W_____ did you go on vacation?

2. Many v________ come to visit the Great Wall year. 3. I can speak two l__________, English an Chinese. 4. There are two beautiful b_________ flying in the sky. 5. To my s__________ , Jim isn’t of smakes. 用括号里所给词的适当形式填空。(5分)

1. There are many __________(sheep)on the farm. 2. People need to eat ________(nature)food.

3. Dictionaries are very_________(use) for students. 4. I can feel a snake ___________(move).

5. Her sister finished__________(draw) the picture. 单项选择(15分)

( )1. Please_______ late for school.

A. isn’t B. aren’t C. don’t be D. not be ( )2. Bob comes from_______ . He speaks_______ . A. Japan , English B. America , Chinese C. French , France D. Australia, English

( )3. I want a new house_______ a small garden. A. of B. with C. have D. in ( )4. They_______ at home last weekend.

A. stay B. stayed C. was stayed D. stays ( )5.--- What about _______ a party? ---Good idea. A. have B. to have C. having D. has

( )6. Mary is_______ girl, but she knows a lot about science.

A. a eight-year-old B. eight-year-old B. C. eight years old D. an eight-year-old

( )7.--- _______ the weather like in Hangzhou?--- It’s cloud A. How’s B. What C. How D. What’s ( )8. There_______ some milk in the glass.

A. is B. are C. has D. have ( )9.--- What does your brother do?--- _______ . A. He is Mr Green . B. He is from Japan

C. He often plays the piano D. He is a bank clerk ( )10. ---Would you like_______ soccer with us ?

---Sure. I like______soccer very much.

A. to play, playing B. playing, play C. to play, play D. playing, playing ( )11.She has to _______ before eight o’clock.

A.be on bed B.be on the bed C.be in the bed D.be in bed ( )12.He says he never has _______ fun.

A.some B.any C.many D.a lot

( )13.---Let’s go to the Ocean(海洋)Park. ---_______.

A.That’s right B. All right C. Right D.That’s all right ( )14.We should help those animals ______.

A.in dangerous B.on the danger C. in danger D.in the dangerous ( )15.Helen wants _____ the zoo very much.

A.to go B. to go to C.go to D.going to

二. 交际运用 根据情景,从下面选择最佳 选项补全对话,其中有两项是多余的。B:Sorry,Mr.Wang, I went to Shenyang with my parents.I got off the train at 3:00this moring.


A:What did you do on Saturday morning? B:Iwashed my clothes and I went to the park. A:____________

B:I did my homework,and I went swimming at the pool. B:__________

B:___________And I visited my grandfather. A: How about Sunday afternoon? B: I played soccer watched TV. A:__________

B:Yes, and I was very tired.__________

1________2 _______3_______4________5________ A. What did you on Saturday afternoon? B. Now I want to have a good rest. C. Not very good. D. I cleaned my room. E. You wer really busy.

F. Did you swim at the pool? G. I’m not happy.

用适当的话语补全对话(可能 是一个句子,也可能是一个词或一个短语。)(10分)

(Bob is sleeping in class on Monday.) A:Wake up ,Bob! You look 1____________! What did you do at the weekend?

A:_2_________________________________________________ B:Because we visited my grandpa there. He was ill. A: I’m sorry to hear that. Do you need to3_______________________to have a rest?

B:No, I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to miss too many lessons. A: I see. I hope your grandpa will get better soon .So did you _4________________?

B:Yes, I did my homework 5________________________________ Friday evening. I t wasn’t too much and it wasn’t diffcult for me. A:That’s nice.

三. 阅读(35分)


It’s a fine1________morning. There are many people in the park. Many of are young. are old. Some

Young Pioneers are_4_____ games over there. Two boys are playing a toy boat. There is a lake in the park. The water is clean. There are some on the lake. Near the lake a young man is

reading. There is a house near the lake. Beside the house 7___ are working. A woman is watering the flowers. Look at that big tree.

There are some birds it. Under it are some men. Four of This is a beautiful park near my home. People like to go to the them are playing cards. One of them is two cats. The

them go to the park every day. Look! This cats are running up the tree. What do they want to do? They want to park after work. Some of

the birds. What can you see in the park? 四.阅读理解(30分)


Tom often gets up at six. He has breakfast at home. He goes to school at half past

seven. Classes begin at eight. There are four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. Tom studies hard. He likes English very much. He reads it every morning. He goes to school from Monday to Saturday. He has no classes on Sunday.

Tom has supper at six twenty. In the evening, he does his homework. He goes to bed at about nine every day.

根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正误。你认为正确的句子,请在答题卷相应空格内填“T”,错误的填“F”。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5) ( )1. Tom has breakfast at school. ( )2. Tom has six classes on Sunday.

( )3. Tom reads English in the morning and does his homework in the evening.

( )4. Tom goes to school at 7:00 on Sunday. ( )5. Tom has supper at six every day.


is Mr. Smith. He is sitting on a chair and watching the children. Some

children are playing the game of hide-and- seek(捉迷藏). Some boys

are playing yo-yo. Lucy and Lily are standing under a tree. They are talking. There is a small river in the park. We can see some boats in the river. Some children are sitting in the boats with their fathers and mothers. Listen! A lot of birds(鸟) are singing in the trees. This is really a nice park. I come here to read English after school every day.

根据短文内容,选择正确答案,并将其字母代号填入答题卷相应空格内。(共5小题,每小题分,满分5分) ( )1.. ______ like to go to the park.

( )2.A. Children B. Fathers and mothers C. Lucy and Lily D. People

( )3. Mr. Smith is _______.

A. playing hide-and-seek B. playing yo-yo C. is sitting and watching the children D. is singing ( )4. Which one(哪一项) is right(正确的)?

A. Lucy and Lily are playing hide-and-seek with other children.

B. Lucy and Lily go to the park only on Sunday. C. Lucy and Lily are talking under the tree. D. Lucy and Lily live far from the park.

( )5. The writer(作者) can't see_____ in the park.

A. fish B. children C. women D. men


My name is Li Han .I’m Chinese ,but I live in the United States with my parents now .I’m in a middle school .At school ,I have a lot of new friends .They are from different countries .I have breakfast at home . I eat an egg and two pieces of bread and drink a glass of milk for breakfast .I have no time to go home at noon .So I have to eat lunch at school .The food is good ,but I don’t like it .I don’t like American food .I like dinner best .Mum can cook Chinese food in the evening. We eat rice ,fish ,meat and different vegetables .Sometimes we have noodles and dumplings .Sometimes we go out to eat with our friends .


( )1.Li Han studies in middle school .

A.a Chinese B. an English C.an American D.a Japanese ( )2.His parents live in .

A.China B.America C.England D.Japan

( )3.The students in the middle school are from countries .

A. different B. difference C. same D. other

( )4.Li Han doesn’t think American food is . A.bad B.terrible C. good D.great ( )5.Li Han doesn’t eat for breakfast .

A.bread B.milk C.egg D.rice


There are 365 days in a year. We sleep 8 hours a day, so we have 122 days for sleeping. Then our work time has 243 days left. But there are 52 weekends in a year. Each weekend is two days. We lose another 104 days a year for work. It takes us about one hour to have breakfast and supper. This comes to 15 days over a year. But we can’t work all that time-we need a holiday. Let’s say we have three weeks’ holiday. We don’t work all day. Four free hours each evening takes up 61 days. We have to remember that we get 2 days’ holiday at Easter, 3 at Christmas and 1 at the New Year. There are also 4 Bank holidays. Take those 10 days away and we have 32 days for work. But then we have one and a half hours’ lunch every day, and half an hour’s coffee break. That comes to 30 days a year. This means that we have only a few days left for work every year! (共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)

1. How many days do we sleep in a year? __________ days. A. 365 B. 122 C. 8 D. 52

2. We spend 15 days on __________.

A. rest B. coffee break C. lunch D. breakfast and supper 3. Which of the following is true? __________ A. Each weekend is one day. B. We have 61 days for free time.

C. We get 3 days’ holiday at Easter.D. Coffee break takes us one hour. 4. According to the passage, we know that we do not have __________ time to work every year.

A. much too B. so many C. too much D. too many 5. The writer means __________.

A. we should know the numbers B. time is important and we’d better not waste it

C. we need more holidays D. a few days for work is enough



December 21 was Becky' s fourteenth birthday. When she got home after school, she saw her parents in the living room. They said to her," Happy birthday, dear! We have a present for you, Becky. Go and look for it in your bedroom.

Becky ran quickly to her room. On her bed she saw a bright red box. She thought that her present must be in the box. She opened it. There was nothing but a card in it. The girl took it out and read: "Dear Becky, I' m your present. My first three letters are the same as in the word ' come' My last two letters are the same as in the word 'water'. My middle three letters are in the word 'put' What am I?"

Becky thought hard and soon smiled. She then went back to the living room and shouted, "Aha , I know what present it is. Thank you very much, Mum and Dad ! But where is it?" Her mother answered, "Look on the back of the card." Becky turned it over(翻过来) and read, "Come and look for me in the study(书房)."

Becky hurried to the study. There on the desk she found her pres

ent. What was it.'? Do you know? (共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分) 1. Who were waiting for Becky when she got home? ____________________________________________ 2. Why did Becky' s parents give a present to her? ______________________________________________

3. Did Becky find her present in the box? What was in the box? ___________________________________________________ 4. What was the present?

_________________________________________________ 5 Did Becky like her present?


(A) 阅读下面的一则日记,完成所缺少的内容。(5分)

Feb.3,2013 Sunday snowy

I didn’t do 1_______special today. In the morning, I_2________ at home and did my homework. Then I 3________the newspaper. In the afternoon, I visited my grand parents, and then I played computer games for half an hour. After dinner, I 4________the TV news with my mum and dad. Then I wrote a letter 5___________my friend.

(B) 上周末,Susan 到 Hawaii旅游,根据下列提示词用英语写一


提示词:Hawaii Beach Science Museum Hawaii Zoo National Park cute enjoy crowed 要求:70词左右,可适当发挥。



1 Where 2 visitors 3 languages 4 butterflies 5 surprise 用括号里所给词的适当形式填空

1 sheep 2 natural 3 useful 4 moving 5 drawing 单项选择

C D B B C D D A D A D B B C B 交际运用 根据情景,从下面选择最佳 选项补全对话,其中有两项是多余的。 C A C E B

用适当的话语补全对话(可能 是一个句子,也可能是一个词或一个短语

1 tired 2 Why did you go to Shenyang 3 go home 4 do your homework 5 last


1 K 2 B 3 D 4 H 5 L 6 J 7 I 8 G 9 E 10 A


A 1—5:F F T F F B 1—5: DCCAD

C 1—5:CBACD D 1__5: B D B C B E 1. Becky’s parents. 2 Because it was Becky’s

fourteenth birthday. 3. No, she didn’t. A card was in the box. 4.It was a computer. 5 Yes, she did.


阅读下面的一则日记,完成所缺少的内容 1 anything 2 stayed 3 read 4 watched 5 to

上周末,Susan 到 Hawaii旅游,根据下列提示词用英语写一篇短文描述一下她的旅行。

Susan went to Hawaii for vacation last weekend. On Saturday, she went to Hawaii Beach. It was beautiful. Then she went to Science Museum and learned a lot. On Sunday, she went to see animals in Hawaii Zoo. There were many cute animals there. Also, She went to National Park. The park was crowed but she enjoyed it .She really had a good time in Hawaii.

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