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Starter Unit 3 What color is it教学设计

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Starter Unit 3 What color is it?教案Period 1--4









“What color"学生在学习的过程中很容易把它错写成或错读成“What’s color”,因此在练习中要反复强调。


A tape-recorder, 一张白纸和各种颜色的彩笔


Period 1

Step l:Introduction

(1) Do duty report.Ask students to take turns to do duty report (get students to tell a short story)one by one.

(2) Hang the white paper on the blackboard,write the capital letter “A” with a red pen, then ask the students:

T:What’s this in English? Ss:It’s an A.

T:What color is it?

The teacher answers herself:It’s red.

(3) The teacher teaches the other colors with the color pens,repeat these words until students grasp them.

Step 2:Lead—in

Do the same steps of the letters list on l a as the teacher did in the introduction.Make sure students know an these letters and words.

Step 3:Practice

Get students to work in pairs,practice the dialogue appear in the picture of 1a. Allow students use the other things instead of the letters while they are asking the colors.

step 4:Listening

Do 1b,2a,2b and 2c in turn. (Do entering famous school)

Period 2

Step 1:Lead—in

Take turns to do the duty report.

Review the lesson learned by asking the students to say out the twenty—six letters in right orders.Do 2a,2b,2c and 2d with the whole class.

- 1 -

Step 2:Pairwork

Do the guess game.Ask students to work in pairs to practise like the following:

T:Excuse me,what’s this in your bag? S:Is it a pen?

T:Yes,you’re right.What color is it? S:It’s white.

T:No,you’re wrong. S:Is it red?

Step 3:Grammar

Go through the grammar focus and make sure all the students know what means.If possible,the teacher can use Chinese to explain them.

Step 4:Practice

Do the co1or changes game,use two small cups of water,color each cup of water yellow and blue.Ask:What color is it? It’s yellow.

What color is it? It’s blue.

After asking,pour the cup of yellow water into the other cup,when the water turns green. Ask students:What color is it now?

Do the color changes with the other colors.Yellow + red =orange,yellow + red + black =brown, yellow +red +blue +black,etc.

A1so the teacher can let students discuss what color the objects are around us such as the color of the traffic lights,letter—box,bananas and so on…

(Do entering famous school)

Period 3

Step l:Lead—in

Do the duty report in turn.

Practise the dialogue in la of section A

Ask students to finish 1a and 1b of section B individual.the teacher walks around the class,give a hand to the students.

Step 2:Pairwork

First 1et the students check the answers of la by asking like the following:

A:What’s this? B:Is it a “pen”?

A:Yes。it is.Can you spell it? B:Yes.P-E-N,PEN.

A:You are right.

Then the teacher checks the answers of l a with the whole class.

Step 3:Listen and repeat

List out the letter A 0n the blackboard and encourage the students to say out what other words also make the same pronunciation.Present the other letters the same as the letter. Step 4:Groupwork

Get students pay attention to all the abbreviations appear around us,copy them down, try to find what they mean.Then tell your partners.Encourage students t0 search online or finish this homework in other ways.

Step 5: Classwork (Do entering famous school)

Period 4

Step 1:Go through all the contents list on this part,make sure all the students understand them.If they don’t.you may use Chinese to explain it.

Step 2: Classwork (Do entering famous school)

- 2 -

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