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I 你将听到五个句子,每个句子读两遍,选出你所听到的单词。每题1分,共5分) 1. A. walking B. working C. washing 2. A. soup B. shop C. supper 3. A. lot B. litter C. lost 4. A. horse B. house C. host

5. A. dragon B. dress C. drum

II . 你将听到十个对话,每段对话后有一个问题,选出最佳选项,每个对话读两遍。.(每小题111. How does Alan go to school ?

A. He takes a bus B. He walks C. He rides a bike. 12. What are the children doing?

A. Playing the balls B. Swimming C. Watching the show. 13. What does the woman think of the bridge?

A. It’s terrible B. It’s beautiful C. It’s interesting 14. What does Lucy wear?

A. A pair of shoes B. A pair of glasses C.A pair of jeans 15. Where are they talking?


6. What does Jane like?

A. B. C.

7. Which is the woman’s favorite food?


8. What does the man usually do on Saturday afternoon?

A. B.C.

9. What does the boy have to do at home?

A. Clean his bedroom B. Wash the dishes C. Play the piano 10. When does the plane leave? A. 10: 45 B. 11:15 C. 11:35

A. At the classroom. B. In the street C. At home III. 你将听到两段对话,每段对话读两遍,请在每小题所给的A B C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。(每题1分,共5分)

听第一段对话,回答第16和17小题 16. Where does Jack want to go?

A. A post office B. A library C. A bus station.

17. How long does it take to walk there?

A . Ten minutes B. Twenty minutes C. Thirty minutes 听下面一段对话,回答第18至20小题

18.How many lessons does Jack have on Monday? A. Five B. Six C. Seven

19. What time do classes finish in the afternoon? A . 4:30 B. 5:00 C. 5:30 20. What does Ann do at 9:30 at night?

A. Watches TV. B. Does her homework C. Goes to bed.

IV.你将听到一篇短文,短文读两遍。请根据短文内容,在每小题所给的A B C 三个选项中选出最佳答案。(每题1分共5分) 21. How old is Jane?

A . Ten. B. Eleven. C. Twelve. 22. What time is it?

A. 6:00 a.m. B. 4:00 p.m. C. 6:00 p.m.. 23. What’s Jane doing in the room?

A. She is playing .B. She is cooking. C. She is studying.. 24. Where is Jane’s mother?

A. In the dining room B. In the kitchen C. In the bedroom 25. Which apple does Anna like ?

A. The two apples B. The big apple. C. The small apple 请打开二卷做第二节听力。


26. There is _____ uniform here. ____ uniform is Tom’s. A. /; An B. an ; The C. a ; The D. an; /


27. I can’t see any ________ animals in the small zoo. There are only some monkeys, elephants and A. Yes, she isn’t. B. No, she is. giraffes.

A. other B. others C. the other D. anther 28. ---Sorry, I’m late.

---_______ , but please come earlier next time.

A. You’re welcome. B. I think so. C. Good idea. D. That’s OK.

29. ________ important news﹗Please come and read the newspaper. A. What B. How C. What an D. What a 30. --- Does your brother like _____ soccer?

--- Yes. Look﹗He ____ soccer with his classmates. A. play; play B. playing; playing

C. playing; is playing D. playing; plays

31. Don’t make too much noise. The teachers ________ a meeting. A. have B. to have C. are having D. having 32. --- Is Mary reading English?

--- ___________ .She is writing a letter.

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she doesn’t. C. Yes, she does D. No, she isn’t. 33. Can you tell me _________________? A. what time is it by your watch B. when is it by your watch C. what time it is by your watch D. when is by your watch

34. I don’t like ____________ animals. I think they are __________ lazy. A. the kind of; a kind of B. kind of; kind of C. kind of; a king of D. the kind of; kind of 35. --- I feel a little hungry now.

--- Why not ______ for dinner with us? A. go B. to go C. do you go D. to going

36. It’s going to rain. Don’t forget _____ an umbrella. A. to take B. taking C. takes D. take 37. ---Where ____ you come from? --- I _____ from China.

A. are; am B. do; am C. are; do D. do; do 38.“No _______ ﹗”says the sign.

A. smoke B. smoking C. smokes D. to smoke

39. The giraffe is an animal_____ a long neck and it ____ four long legs. A. with; with B. with; has C. has; has D. has; with

40. ----Isn’t she beautiful?

---- ____________. But she doesn’t have beautiful clothes.

C. Yes, she is. D. No, she isn’t.

41. ---Why _____ she happy?

--- Because she can’t relax on weekends. A. is B. does C. isn’t D. doesn’t

42. I feel _____ after a _____ vacation.

A. relaxing; relaxing B. relaxed; relaxed C. relaxed; relaxing D. relax; relaxing 43. --- ____ I swim here?

--- I’m sorry. Children _____ swim alone here. A. Must; can’t B. May; must B. Can; mustn’t D. Can’t; can 44. --- _____ she ________ in the library? --- Yes, of course.

A. Does; have to quiet B. Does; must be quiet C. Must; quiet D. Does; have to be quiet

45. It’s nice ____ you _____ so much time helping me. A. for; to spend B. with; to spend C. for; spending D. of; to spend VI.完型填空﹙每题1分,共10分﹚

Let me tell you some of my classroom____46__. ______47__ forget to close all

the doors and windows before____48___ the classroom.

_____49____ the blackboard and the desks. Don’t let the students in other

classes ____50___ into the classroom without the teacher’s permission(许可). You must __51___

“May I come in?” when you ____52______ late for class.

______53___ your teacher when she ___54_____ into the classroom.

Don’t make any noise in class. Rules, rules, too __55______ rules﹗ 46. A. rule B. rules C. picture D. pictures 47. A. Can’t B. Don’t C. Must D.Have to 48. A. leaving B. leave C. come D. coming 49. A. Cleaned B. Cleans C. Clean D. Cleaning 50. A.comes B. come C. coming D. came 51. A. say B. says C. speak D. speaks 52. A. be B. is C. are D. am

53. A. Say B. Greet C. Ask D. Talk 54. A. came B. come C. comes D. coming 55. A. some B. many C. any D. much VII. 阅读理解﹙每题2分,共30分﹚ A

Welcome to Qingdao Zoo


Do you want to see different kinds of animals? Come to Qingdao Zoo. The zoo has 400 kinds of animals. Big elephants from Yunnan, tigers from the south of China and lions from Africa are waiting for you. Cute pandas and clever monkeys will give you a lot of fun.

56. How many kinds of animals are there in Qingdao Zoo? A. 400. B. 300. C. 200. D. 100.

57. The animals in Qingdao Zoo are from _________ .

A. Yunnan B. Africa C. different places D. the south of China 58. Mrs. Green and her 7-year-old son go to Qingdao Zoo, and they should pay ______ . A.¥15 B. ¥30 C. ¥45 D. ¥60

59. On Sundays, we can go to see the animals at__________ . A. 7:00 in the moring B. 7:30 in the moring C. 9:00 in the moring D. 9:00 in the evening 60. We can’t ________ in the zoo. A. Take photos B. see pandas

C.have a lot of fun D. give food to the animals B

Today is Sunday, March 20th

. We ,sixteen boys and seventeen girls, go to school early, but we have no lessons. Our teacher takes us to the zoo. We are very excited about the trip . We get on a bus , it goes fast and at half past nine we get there. How beautiful the zoo is﹗ There are a lot of trees, some hills, and a big lake. The sun is shining and the flowers are coming out. There are all kinds of animals in it, elephents, monkeys, birds, fish and many other animals. The birds are singing in the trees and the fish are swimmimg in the lake. We like to watch monkeys. They are playing on the hill or having oranges, apples and bananas. There are many rules in the zoo. We mustn’t do this and we mustn’t do that. But we all have a good time. At one in the afternoon we leave the zoo. 61. The weather is ___________ today. A. sunny B. cloudy C. rainy D. windy

62.___________ students and a teacher go to the zoo by bus.


A.Sixteen B.Seventeen C. Thirty-there D. Thirty-four 63. We have no classes today because _________________ .

A. our teacher takes us to the zoo B. today is March 20th

C. the weather is very good D. today is Sunday 64. We stay in the zoo for ___________ hours. A. four and a half B. four C. there and a half D. five

65. Which of the following is NOT right according to this passage? A. We go to the zoo on a spring morning.

B. There are many beautiful things in the zoo

C. The birds are singing in the trees and the fish are swimming in the lake. D. We can’t do anything we want to do in the zoo. C

You may know the English letter A, B and C, but do you know there are people called “ABC”? You may like eating bananas, but do you know there are people called “banana persons”? If you don’t know, I will tell you about it. They are some Chinese people like you and me, but they aren’t in China. Why do people call them like that?

If we call somebody an ABC person, we mean he or she is a Chinese but was born in America. Sometimes, people also call them “banana persons”. A banana is yellow outside and white inside. So if somebody is a “banana person”, he or she is “white” inside and “yellow” outside. By saying that, we mean he or she has yellow skin but does things in an American way. “Banana persons” were born in America and they live in America for a long time, so they think like Americans and do things like Americans. However, these people still have Chinese blood. Their parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents are from China. They all have black eyes and black hair, so they look like us, Chinese people. There are many famous “banana people” in America. They do very well in America and they are really great in their own fileds. 66.From the passage, we can learn “ABC” means________ . A. English letters B. people’ names C. “banana persons” D. American bananas

67. The underline word “blood” means ________ in Chinese. A .大脑 B. 血液 C. 饮食 D.功夫

68. What is a “banana person” like outside? A. An American. B. An Englishman. C. A Chinese. D. A Japanese.

69. Which of the following is TRUE about “banana persons”? A. They live in China. B. They were born in China.

C. They grew up in China. D. They think like Americans. 70. The best title for the passage is _____________ .

A. What Is a “Banana Person” B. A Great Person’s Name Is ABC C. Great “Banana Persons” D. Great Chinese People in America

II 听力部分 第二节﹙每题1分,共5分﹚

71._______________ 72._______________ 73.______________ 74.________________ 75._____________ IX.任务型阅读﹙每题2分,共10分﹚

This is the Brown family. In the family there are four people: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown, their son Scott and their daughter Tina. They are now in China. They like China very much.

It is Sunday today. They don’t go to work or go to school. They are staying at home. Mr. Brown is an English teacher. Now he is sitting at the table. ﹙A﹚他正在给斯科特的叔叔写一封信。He is in London now. Look﹗Tina is sitting on the floor. She is playing ﹙B﹚ ________ her

cat. Scott is standing near the window. He is reading a Chinese book. Where is Mrs. Brown? She is in the kitchen. She is cooking. “Scott, can you come here, please? I want some help,” Mrs. Brown shouts. “Sure, I’m coming, Mum﹗”says Scott. Scott is a good boy.﹙C﹚ He often helps his mother do the housework on Sundays. 76.将(A)处的划线句子翻译为英语:

------------------------------------------------ 77.将(C)处的划线句子翻译为汉语

------------------------------------------------ 78.在 (B)处填入一个适当的介词:_______ 概括短文内容,回答下列问题。 79.Where is Mrs Brown?


80.Is Scott reading an English book?

______________________________ .

X.用单词的正确形式填空。﹙每题1分,共5分﹚ 81. The girl in red often_________ her kind mother. 82. It’s _____________ to play on the street.


83.I like one of the ___________ in the zoo. It’s beautiful.

84.It’s not good for us ______ each other.. We should be good with each other.. 85.Don’t ________. The baby is sleeping.

XI.连词成句(注意90题的变化)﹙每题1分,共5分﹚ 86. is, cute, the, from, panda, China, kind of


87. the, now, phone, little, girl, the, is , on, talking

_______________________________. 88. he, have to, his, short, keep, doesn’t, hair

_______________________________. 89. I , feels, best, your, how, know, friend

______________________________. 90. CDs, listening, relax, to, us


XII. 作文﹙10分﹚

今天是星期天, 你步行去北京动物园看动物,介绍一下你在那儿看到的动物及动物们正在做的事情,它们有哪些特点,根据所给信息完成文章。 1. 动物园有各种各样的动物 2. 老虎在散步,大象在喝水

3. 喜欢熊猫和长颈鹿,因为他们很友好漂亮 4. 树袋熊有点懒惰,一些在睡觉,一些在树上玩









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