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初一下册英语短文填空 4篇

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I live in a quiet neighborhood. There are only two _________ in my neighborhood. One is Lincoln Street. The other is Jefferson Street. There _________ a library and a small park between these two streets.

Many old people like to do morning exercises in the park. I like to do sports in the park, _________.It’s a good place to play tennis. I usually go there _________ my brother. Some old people often watch _________ playing there.

You can see lots of young people _________ in the library. They read books there _________ they can’t take them home. I usually go there with Mike on weekends. We like _________ our homework in it because it is quiet. And we often _________ Linda and Tina there. After finishing our homework, all of us can go to the _________ to have fun.

Hi! I’m living ________ San Francisco. It’s really a wonderful city. My apartment is nice. It isn’t very large, _________ it isn’t very small. It’s a really great apartment, and it isn’t expensive. I have a twin sister. But we look _______. She has _________ hair, but I have long _________. I’m thin, but she’s a _________ heavy. I wear glasses, but she _________. She wears jeans and T-shirts. I wear dress. I like _________ and playing the piano. She likes sports. She often goes _________ in the pool and plays basketball with _________ friends.

It’s Sunday today. My parents and I _________ like to go to a restaurant for dinner. There are some great _________ today. Special 1 _________ beef noodles. It’s 8 yuan _________ bowl. It has onions and ________ in it. Special 2 is 10 yuan _________ 20 dumplings. Special 3 is soup for 10 yuan each bowl. It _________ tomatoes and eggs in it. My _________ want to eat noodles, _____ I want to eat dumplings. Each of us _________ to drink some orange juice.


Last Sunday, my class _________ (go) to a children’s home in our city. We _________ (have) a good time there.

It took us one hour _________ (go) there on the school bus. When we arrived, it _________ (be) over nine o’clock. Then our teacher taught us how _________ (play) games with the kids. At first, they ________ (be) very shy, but they became more active and friendly after _________ (watch) a magic show. After the magic show, we began ________ (sing). While we were singing, they clapped their hands to the music. Then, we _________ (give) presents to them. Finally, we ________ (take) some photos together.

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