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仁爱版八年级下册Unit 7 Topic 2 Section C

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Unit 7 Food Festival

Do you remember how to make a sandwich?
First, take two pieces of bread and spread butter on them.

Next, cut a pear into small pieces carefully.
Then, put them on the bread lightly. After that, put some honey over the pear slowly. Finally, put the pieces of bread together.

Do you know if it is polite to eat soup noisily in Japan?

Suppose you would go to a formal western dinner party for the first time, but you don’t know
方式;举止;态度 their table manners. n. Do you want to get some



napkin n.餐巾

spoon n.匙,调羹

fork n.叉,餐叉

chopstick n.筷子

C spoon

plate D _______

fork B _______

glass E _______

knife F _______

napkin A _______


1.When you start dining, you should take your napkin first and put it on your lap. ( T ) 2.At the table, people always keep the fork in their left hands. ( F ) ( F) 3.It’s impolite to eat up the food on your plate. 4.It’s polite to speak loudly and smile a lot. ( F ) 5.When you drink to someone, you should raise your glass and take only a little. ( T )

1.If you go to a formal western dinner party for the first time,you'd better know about western table manners. (1) for the first time 第一次 E.g:2012年,我第一次到北京去度假。 I went to Beijing for my holiday in 2012 for the first time. (2) table manners 餐桌礼仪 2.It's polite to eat up the food on your plate,... eat up sth./eat sth. up 吃完,吃光 3.When you drink to someone,... drink to sb./sth.为......干杯(祝酒) 4.Remember not to drink too much. (1) remember to do sth.记得要做某事(事情还没有做) 否定形式为:remember not to do sth. (2) too much 在句中作状语,修饰动词drink。

1 Read again and underline the key points about c western table manners. Then work in groups and
compare them with Chinese table manners.

Knowing about the differences in table manners in different cultures is very helpful for you to succeed in cross-cultural communication.


First,talk with your partner about western table manners.
When you sit down at the table, ... The dinner always starts with … You should keep the fork ... If you use your knife, ... Don’t take … Don’t speak … When you drink to someone, you 'd better...

Second,collect some information about table manners in China. Then talk about them.
You may use these sentences: I think (that) it is polite to … in China. I think (that) it is impolite to … in China.


Match the pictures with the conversations.Then practice in pairs. Can you tell me if it's polite to eat with your arms or elbows on the table in America?



Yes, I can. It's impolite.


Do you know whether or not it's impolite to smoke during a meal in France? Yes, I do. It's impolite.
We know people use a spoon and a fork to eat in Thailand.Do you know whether they use knives? Yes, I do. They don't use them.





D I know Indians eat with their right

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