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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 7 Abilities welcome-comic教学案 牛津版

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(课题): 7B Unit 7 Abilities

( welcome-comic )


1. Recite: ability, believe, seat, send, able, pay for, look out, clean up the park, be able to, in poor areas

2. To arouse Ss’ interest about personal abilities

3. To revise vocabulary about helping people in the community 4. To generate ideas about ways to care for and help others


To generate ideas about helping others in the community

To gain Ss’ awareness of how they can help others in their community.


Step 1 Greeting

Step 2 Review

Step3 Preview

1> to be familiar with the words of page80-81

2> to be familiar with the things we can do to help others

3> to try to the dialogue and try to act it out

Step 4 Lead-in

Free talk about Ss’ abilities.

It’s the beginning of the school year. Now I want to know something about your abilities. Can you swim/rid e a bicycle/ fly a kite/ play computer games/ fly?

How much do you know about Superman? (fly, do meaningful things for people in need, fun fast) Step 5 presentation


1. Present Hobo and Eddie’s outing. Ss talk about the Comic strips in groups.

2. Play the tape for Ss to listen and give their answers according to the tape and the pictures. The following questions for them:

What does Eddie think of himself? (He’s a super dog)

What do you think of Eddie? (He’s showing himself off)

What message can you get from Eddie? (Don’t copy Eddie’s example) 3. Get some pairs to act out the p art according to the pictures on the slide show.

4. People have different abilities. Some people use them to help others. What can we do if somebody needs help in the community?

A. help disabled, ill/ sick, old/ weak, poor people;

B. do some meaningful things: (看挂图,写短语what are they doing?)

Planting trees (plant can also be used as a noun, meaning a living thing that grows in the earth. In unit 4 we’ve learnt a sentence’ there’s no plant life without lightning. )

Helping an old man

Giving a seat to someone on the bus(sit: verb; seat: noun. Go back to your seat and sit down) 1

Collecting things for Projec t Hope

Cleaning up the park

Visiting an old people’s home

Be careful! 祈使句,用于唤起某人的注意

Take care! Look out!但警告语气更强烈。

Be careful when you are crossing the road.过马路时要当心。

Be careful with ?.

She is careful with her diet bec ause she wants to keep healthy.

clean up为动词习惯表达,“打扫干净”。副词up常跟在动词后意思为“彻底地完全地。”eat up 吃光; finish up?彻底完成某事

Step6 Exercise

Step7 Homework





2. 植树 __________________________________

3. 给某人让座 ____________________________

4. 为希望工程收集东西 ____________________________

5. 清理公园 ______________________________

6. 老年公寓_______________________________


8. 为?付款_______________________________


1.She is a very nice girl. She does everything______________(care).

2.Many _______________(visit) will come to our school tomorrow.

3.It’s _____________ (danger) to play football in the street. 4.Nanjing is one of the most beautiful ___________ (city) in our country.

5. Don’t forget _____________ ( turn ) off all the lights before leaving .

6.People like you if you are _____________ (help) to others.

7.He stayed in hospital for two ________________(月).

8.They are______________(收集)things for Project Hope. 9. His sister practise (play) the piano every day.


10. I told the children (not swim) in the river.

11. Do you like __________ (row) a boat?

12.He __________(fall) off the bike and _______________ (hurt) his legs.


( )1. Kate often sees Jim football on the football field.

A plays B playing C play D to play

( )2. He thinks before he works. How he is!

A careful, carefully B care, careful

C carefully, careless D carefully, careful

( )3. The teacher wants to tell children talk in class.

A. not B. not to C. to D. to not

( )4. —Sorry, I forget to bring your book today. — .

A. Thank you B. No problem C. All right D. Never mind

( )5.It’s very cold today. You go swimming.

A. can’t B. can C. may D. must ( )6. He ______________ a lot of time helping others in his spare time .

A. spends B takes C uses D pays ( )7.Would you please teach me ?

A. what to dance B. how danceC. how to dance D. what dance ( )8. you last year?

A. Can, swam B. Could, swam C. Can, swim D. Could, swim

( )9.On ______ home, Susan found a robber getting out of a van yesterday.

A. her way to A. sing B. her way for C. her way at C. sang D. her way ( )10.Listen! I heard Tom________ in the next room. B. sings D. singing

四、完形填空 A teacher was asking a student a lot of questions, but the student 1 answer any of them. The teacher then decided to ask him some very easy questions so that he could get 2 right answers. “ 3 is Bunker Hill?” she asked. The student 4 for some time and then answered,“ an important person. ”“No, it is a battle,” the teacher said. She was getting a little 5 now, but she was trying not to 6 it. Then she asked, “Who was the first president of the United States?” The student thought and thought, but didn’t 7 anything. The teacher got very angry and shouted, “George Washington!” The student got up and began to walk towards his 8 . “Come back!” the teacher said. “ 9 didn’t tell you to go. ” “Oh, I’m sorry,” the student said. “I thought you 10 the next student. ”

( )1. A. wouldn’t B. couldn’t

( )2. A. little

( )3. A. Who

( )4. A. thought

C. shouldn’t C. What D. mustn’t B. few B. Which C. a little D. a few D. Where D. stopped 3 B. spent C. waited

( )5. A. angry

( )6. A. find

( )7. A. speak

( )8. A. friend

( )9. A. He

( )10. A. called B. worried B. lose B. tell B. seat B. She C. sad C. say C. I D. happy D. show D. talk D. side D. We D. sent C. do C. address B. taught C. needed 4

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