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( )1.We can eat in the dining hall. But we ______ eat in the classroom.

A. don’t B. didn’t C. can’t D. aren’t

( )2. __________ Lucy and Kate go to school?

A. How B. How does C. How do D. How are

( )3.__________ your father usually go to work by car?

A. Do B. Is C. Does D. Are

( )4. How do they go out tomorrow, ______ bike or ____ foot?

A. by, by B. on, on C. by, on D. on, by

( )5. ___ does it take her to get to school?

----It takes her around ________ minutes

A. How far, twenty—five B. How long , twenty—five

C. How far, twenty five D. How long, twenty five

( )6.I have ____rules in my home. We have___ homework to do today.

A. too many, too much B. too much , many too

C. too many, much too D. much too, many too

( )7. How ______ is it _______ your school to the Children’s Palace?

A. long, to B. far, to C. long, from D. far, from

( )8.He’s never ________ class.

A. arrive B. late for C. arrive late D. late

( )9. Mr Wang leaves ________ Guangzhou today.

A. to B. with C. in D. for

( )10. —_______? —Yes. I don’t know how to get to the hospital.

A. Excuse me B. Can I help you

C. What should I do D. What’s the matter

( )11. Please listen ___ the teacher carefully (认真).

A. to B. on C. at D. of

( )12. I often go to work ________.

A. ride my bike B. by bike C. by a bike D. on bike

( )13. It will take the men half a year ________ the work.

A. do B. doing C. to do D. does

( )14. Molly goes to school _______ her father’s car and Larry goes to school ______ foot.

A. by; on B. in; by C. in; on D. on; by

( )15. Don’t _____ TV after class.

A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. to watching


Nancy is reading(阅读) an e-mail from her friend Jack. She is very 1 to get the e-mail. Jack writes(写)about his school 2 his weekends. Jack likes his school very much. Nancy likes her school, 3 . Jack’s school is very big and he likes his classroom. The 4 and chairs are new. There are lots of pictures 5 the wall(在墙上). They clean the classroom every day. Jack doesn’t 6 to school at the weekend. He gets

up 7 at six on Saturday .He exercises in the park for half 8 . Then he eats his breakfast. He helps his mother do the 9 . At eight he begins(开始)to do his homework. He has lunch in a fast food restaurant(快餐店). In the 10 , he goes shopping with his mum. Sometimes he plays computer games or chats(聊天)with his friends on the Internet. He enjoys his weekend very much.

( )1. A. tall B. well C. happy D. good

( )2. A. but B. and C. or D. at

( )3. A. also B. again C. too D. either

( )4. A. desks B. schoolbags C. pencils D. boys

( )5. A. at B. on C. near D. behind

( )6. A. like B. play C. go D. Have

( )7. A. early B. late C. before D. here

( )8. A. a year B. a month C. an hour D. week

( )9. A. homework B. cleaning C. fishing D. lessons

( )10. A. day B. morning C. afternoon D. week



Jimmy lived in the country, and he loved playing in a very shallow(浅的)river near his house; but then his father got a job in a big city, and he moved there with his family.

Their new house had a garden, but the garden was very small. Jimmy wasn’t very happy.

“Is there a river near here?” he asked his mother on the first morning.

His mother answered,“ No, there isn’t, but there’s a beautiful park near here, Jimmy, and there’s a pool in it. We’ll go there this afternoon.” Then Jimmy was happy.

After lunch, Jimmy and his mother went to the park, Jimmy wanted to walk near the pool, but there was a sign in front of it. His mother read it to him :“WARNING : This pool is dangerous.(危险的)367 people have fallen into(掉进) it.” Jimmy looked into the pool carefully. Then he said ,“I can’t see them.”


( )1.Jimmy’s father worked in a big city.

( )2.After breakfast, Jimmy and his mother went to the park. ( )3.The garden was very small.

( )4.There’s a pool in the country.

( )5.367 people have fallen into the pool.


There is a shop near my home .The people in the shop are friendly .On Saturday afternoon ,we often go and buy things there .It opens at six in the morning .It closes late in the evening .You can buy a lot of things in the shop .You can buy food ,clothes ,school things and many other things .But there are no English books there .

Now we are in the shop .My mother wants to buy a shirt for my father and a blouse for me .Then we’d like to have a drink of orange . ( )1.We often go to the shop and buy things .

A .on weekdays B .on Sundays

C .on Saturdays D .on Sunday afternoons

( )2.The shop opens in the morning and closes in the evening .

A .early , early B .late , late C .early , late D .late , early ( )3.My mother wants to buy for my father .

A .food B .books C .school things D .clothes ( )4.There are no books in the shop .

A .Japanese B .Chinese C .French D .English ( )5. would like to have a drink of orange .

A .My father and mother B .My father and I

C .My mother and I D .The people in the shop


Monday… oh, I don’t like Monday because I’ll have to go back to school again after the weekend. Tuesday is not so bad. I usually play tennis with my friends after school. On Wednesday evening I don’t go out. I stay at home and do my homework. I like Thursday because the next day is Friday. I always go out on Friday—maybe to the cinema. I love the weekend. On Saturdays I stay in bed until(直到) lunchtime, and I sometimes go to the shops in the afternoon. In the evening we go to a club-there are good bands there every Saturday. Then on Sundays I go to my friend’s house or she comes to mine. I usually visit my grandmother for an hour in the afternoon. Then the weekend is over and it’s Monday … and I feel bad again!

( )1.The writer doesn’t like Monday because ________.

A. Monday is the first day of a week

B. he just spent a happy weekend

C. Monday is the first school day of a week

D. he will have many lessons on Monday

( )2. The writer thinks Tuesday is not so bad because _________.

A. he can play tennis with his friends B . he has no homework to do

C. he has a P.E. class D. he is free

( )3. The writer may go to the movies on _______.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Friday ( )4. What does the writer not do on weekends?

A. Stay in bed until lunchtime. B. Watch football games on TV.

C. Go to his friend’s house. D. Go shopping in the markets. ( )5. From the text, we know that the writer ________.

A. doesn’t like school very much B. likes to stay at home

C. only likes Friday D. only likes Saturday


I’m Li Mei and I study in No.2 Middle School. I live in my school on weekdays . I only go home on weekends. I usually go home by bus . It takes about half an hour. Some students go home by bike . We often have some activities (活动) in our free time . Peter and Tom often play soccer .Kate and I often go to the school library . Helen often does her homework in the classroom . What does Sally like to do after school ? She likes to play the violin. We have dinner at about six o’clock . Then we go back to our classroom to study (学习). At half past nine , we usually go to bed . Our teachers are all very good . We are happy in our school.

( ) 1. What does the underline word “weekdays” mean ?

A. 周末 B. 周末以外的几天 C. 星期日 D. 周

( ) 2. How does Li Mei usually go home ?

A. By train B. By bus C. By bike D. By subway

( )3. How long does it take Li Mei to get home from her school ?

A. About one hour B. About ten minutes

C. About twenty minutes D. About thirty minutes

( ) 4. Whom(谁) does Kate often go with to the school library after school ?

A. Li Mei B. Helen C. Sally D. Peter

( ) 5. What time do they usually go to bed ?

A. At 8:30 pm. B. At 8:30 am. C. At 9:30 pm. D. At 9:30 am.


Dear Dr. Know,

I have a friend. He ________ to get up at six o’clock every morning. But for lunch, he eats in the dining hall , because he lives far from his

school. On weekends, he has to________ his room and _________ bed. After breakfast, he likes ________ the dishes. Later he goes to the

Children’s Palace _______ the piano. He is very busy every day Zhao Ping



What do you ________ ________ your English class?


I ________ play the piano _________ school.

3.Tom 乘坐地铁上学

Tom _________ to school_________ .


It usually _________ me one hours to_________ every day. 5 .我的家离学校45千米远。

My home is 45 _________ _________ school.



1. 家里学校3公里;

2. 每天8点起床,早饭后乘公交车上学;

3. 到学校花15分钟;

4. 上午有4节课,下午2节课;

5. 晚饭后做作业,10点睡觉


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