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仁爱版八年级下册Unit 7 Topic 2 Section B

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Unit 7 Food Festival

Who can tell me how to cook porridge/fried rice/noodles ?

I can tell you how to cook ... First, … Next, … Then, … After that, ... Finally, …

a piece of bread






Do you know how to make a sandwich with some bread and a pear?

First, take two pieces of bread and spread butter on them. Next, cut a pear into small pieces carefully. Then put them on the bread lightly. After that, put some honey over the pear slowly.

Finally, put the pieces of bread together.

Would you mind telling me again how to make the snack?


1.Would you mind if we learn to make it from you ? 我们向你学习做它(三明治)好吗? (1)Would you mind if...请求允许或客气地请某人做某事。 E.g:我打开窗户好吗? Would you mind if I open the window? (2)learn to do sth.from sb. 向某人学习做某事 E.g:他向他父亲学习下棋。 He learns to play chess from his father. 2. ...,you did quite well.你做得非常好。 But I think you did better than I.但是我认为你做得比我更好。 Michael did best of all.迈克尔是所有人中做得最好的。 这三个句子中的well,better,best都是副词,作动词did的状语。 better,best分别是well的比较级和最高级形式。 3.Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。


Look at the pictures and match the parts of the sentences.
Michael arrives Kangkang arrives Jane arrives Michael cooks Kangkang cooks Jane cooks early. earlier. earliest. well. better. best.

Michael stays Kangkang stays Jane stays

long. longer. longest.


a sandwich Favorite snack:_____________ Ingredients:1.bread 2._________ butter 3. pear 4.__________ honey

Process: ______,take two pieces of bread and put some butter on them. First Next, cut a pear into small pieces __________. carefully lightly ______, Then put them on the bread __________.

After that, put some honey over pear __________. slowly Finally ______,put the pieces of bread together.


Read 1a and retell the process of making a sandwich, using first, next, then...based on 1b.



不礼貌的, 粗鲁的

adv. 喧闹地

E.g.:In Japan, it's polite to eat soup noisily. 在日本,大声地喝汤是礼貌的。

3 Listen and number the sentences to form a conversation.Then practice with your partner.

( (
( ( ( ( ( (

7 ) OK,let me try.(Slurp!) 5 ) Well,in Cuba,it's impolite to eat so noisily.I don't know if it is
polite in Japan. 2 ) OK. Mm, it's delicious. (Slurp!) 8 ) Not bad,Maria. 3 ) Kumiko,is it too hot? 1 ) Come on,Kumiko!Help yourself to some soup. 4 ) No.Why? 6 ) Oh.In Japan,it's polite to do that.It means you like the food very much.

◆I don't know if it is polite in Japan.
我不知道在日本这样是否礼貌。 这是由if引导的宾语从句,if意为“是否”,不能省略。 if和whether 都可以引导宾语从句,意为“

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