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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 7 Abilities Reading教学案 牛津版

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(课题): 7B Unit 5 Abilities



1. Enable the Ss to understand the text accurately by skimming and scanning the text.

2. Enable the Ss to grasp the language points of the text.

① New words: brave fire alone smoke hurt pour rush save blanket burn arm danger dangerous safe


② Useful expressions in the text

教学重难点: Make sure that Ss understand the text accurately.

Have the Ss retell the text.


Step 1 Greeting

Step 2 Review

1> Review vocabulary related to the text. e.g. brave fire alone smoke hurt pour rush save blanket burn arm danger careless safety.

(Play the slide with the vocabulary on the big screen by the computer.)


2. 植树 __________________________________

3. 给某人让座 ____________________________

4. 为希望工程收集东西 ____________________________

5. 清理公园 ______________________________

6. 老年公寓_______________________________


8. 为?付款_______________________________

Step3 Preview

1. to be familiar with the words of page82-84

2. to know the story

3. to try to retell the story in Ss’ own words

Step 4 Lead-in

Talk about danger.

(In our daily lives, if we are not careful, we can have some dangerous things such as traffic accident, fire accident, and so on. Did you have an accident? If any students have ever had an accident, ask them to talk about what they did.) Step 5 presentation

1>Present the new lesson “A brave young man” by showing the picture of the text. And talk about what happened in the picture.

(Play the slide with the title and the picture (jpg) of the text on the big screen by the computer.) 2> Task 1: First ask the Ss three easy questions and let the Ss answer them after listening to the tape. (Books closed) (Play the slide with the following questions on the big screen by the computer.)


① Who had the fire accident? ② How old was Mrs. Sun? ③ Who saved Mrs. Sun?

Task 2: Ask the Ss to read the passage quickly and answer the question: What is the main idea of the text?

(Play the slide with this question on the big screen by the computer.)

Task 3: Let the Ss read again the text carefully and find some important details in the text, and then answer the following questions.

(Play the slides with the questions on the big screen by the computer.)

① When / Where was the fire?

② Was there a lot of smoke?

③ Why could not Mrs. Sun get out of the kitchen?

④ How did Zhang Hua save Mrs. Sun?

⑤ How did Zhang Hua put out the fire?

⑥ Did he do anything to keep himself safe?

⑦ Was he afraid?

⑧ Did the fire burn Zhang Hua?

⑨ How long did he stay in hospital?

⑩ What did people bring Zhang Hua when they visited him?

Step6 Exercise

Step7 Homework



一.词汇 1.I won't buy this red (毯子). It's too expensive. 2. My brother got an (奖) at the sports meeting. 3.We should give a s to the old on the bus. 4.He p some milk over his trousers just now.

5. I like playing football, but he likes playing the p .

6.Don’t forget _____________ ( turn ) off all the lights before leaving . 7. His sister practise (play) the piano every day. 8.I told the children (not swim) in the river.

9. Do you like __________ (row) a boat?

10.He __________(fall) off the bike and _______________ (hurt) his legs.


( )1.There was a fire last night, but the firemen_______soon.


A. put down it B. put it down C. put out it D. put it out

( )2.Wood catches fire easily. So ______fire.

A. keep it away from B. don’t keep it away from

C. keep it away D. don’t keep it away

( )3.Daniel is helpful, and he always________.

A. thinks of himself first B. thinks of others first

C. thinks himself first D. thinks others first

( )4.Listen! I heard Tom________ in the next room.

A. sing B. sings C. sang D. singing

( )5.--May I play with Jack, Mom? --______. He is a lazy boy.

A. No, you mustn’t B. No, I can’t C. Yes, you do D.Yes, you may

( )6.--Can you post these postcards for us on your way home? --________.

A. Fine B. No problem C. It’s all right D.I hope

( )7.A car hit her yesterday and she is now______. Let’s _______her this afternoon.

A. in the hospital, go and to see B. in hospital, go and see

C. in hospital, go and see D. in the hospital, to go and to see

( )8.What? Walking on the ice? That sounds_______ .

A. danger B. well C. dangerous D. dangerously

( )9.His sister didn’t know the time because she ______ her watch at home.

A. leave B. left C. forget D. forgot

( )10.He is looking forward to _______ with you soon.

A. chat B. chatted C. chats D. chatting


able, help, you, match, danger, visit, can

1. Many________ come to visit Nanjing every year. 2. Tom, can you look after ___________ at the weekend?

3. Please be careful with ___________, or they will be on fire. 4. It's ___________ to climb the window on the second floor. 5. My brother__________ not speak English last year. But now he can.

6. I have the___________ to finish the work. What about you?

7. Millie is a _________ girl. She often helps other students.

四、句型转换 1.Keeping him away from fire is important. (同义句) important him away from fire.

2.She used a blanket to put out the fire. (同义句) She the fire a blanket.

3. The fire burnt Zhang Hua’s neck.(否定句) The fire Zhang Hua’s neck.




_______ ________ ! It’s dangerous ________ _________ football in the street.

2. 我们热切盼望收到你的来信。 We look ______ _________ ____ from you soon .

3.陈丹正在上学路上。 Chen Dan was _____ ___________ ____________ to school.

4. 不要玩火柴。

________ play ______ __________.

5.今晚我一个人在家。 I will be at home tonight


4 ________ your hair _________ _________ fire.

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