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仁爱版八年级下册Unit 7 Topic 1 Section D

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Unit 7 Food Festival



Read and fill in the blanks.
Craig Kielburger is from _______ Canada and he started Free the Children.Free the Children has built over 700 school rooms in
many countries.Now they are trying to _____a build school in Kenya. Kangkang and his classmates want to_____ have a food festival and raise ______money to give to Free the Children.

What will they cook for the food festival?Michael will cook
_______food such as American chocolate cookies.Jane_____ western plans to cook Indian curries.Maria will serve beef curry and Kangkang is____ sure popular that fried rice and dumplings will be_________.

Read and fill in the blanks.
Kangkang got in touch _____ with Craig on the internet. He ______ invited Craig to the food festival.But Craig have no time these days. Craig sent an email to Kangkang.We know something _____ about Craig and Free the Children from the email. His favorite _______food is fried chicken. When he was twelve,an article about a twelve-yearold Parkistani boy________ changed his life.He gathered his friends and started a group _____,the Twelve Twelve-Year-Olds. "Children Helping motto Now Free the Children has Children " is their ______. members 100000__________in 35 countries who are helping children.

Read through Sections A-C and fill in the blanks with the correct words.
Grammar Object Clauses(I)
I think _____ that we can have it on our school playground on Sunday. I 'm sure _____ that fried rice and dumplings will be popular.

Wonderful ! That's good enough. to our food festival? May I invite you ____ pity It's a great _______. I'll _____ send you an email later on,OK? Never mind.

Listen to 1a and answer the questions.
1.When and where will Kangkang and his classmates have the food festival?

On Sunday,May 16th at Beijing International School. 2.Why will they have the food festival?
Because they want to help Free the Children raise money to build a new school in Kenya.

Look at Michael’s poster for the food festival.
☆ What can you see in it?


11:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. Sunday, May 16th On the playground of Beijing International School

A poster usually gives answers to wh-questions, i.e. what,when,where, why,who,etc.


Help Free the Children raise money to build a new school in Kenya. He works for the rights of children. Let's make Craig's dream come true!

1.He works for the rights of children. 他为(争取)儿童的权利而工作! right此处用作名词,意为“权利” 2.Let's make Craig's dream come true. come true 变为现实,成为事实 E.g:我希望有一天我的梦想成真。 I hope that my dream will come true one day.

1b Talk with your partner about the poster in 1a, using object clauses. Example:
I know that their food festival will be helpful. I think that Craig Kielburger is a very good young man. I imagine that I will help to raise money for Free the Children.


There will be a parents’ meeting in your class next Sunday. Hel

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