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七年级下unit12 what did you do last weekend-period5课件

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Period 5

Do you remember?
两周前 two weeks ago 作为一份礼物 as a gift 去野营 go camping 搭帐篷 put up the tent 生火 make/made a fire

把 … 弄醒
wake/ woke … up 看见… 正在做某事 see/ saw… doing 感觉… 正在做某事

坐在月光下 sit/sat under the moon
讲故事 tell/told stories 睡觉 吃惊

feel/ felt … doing
如此… 以至于

go to sleep
get/got a surprise

so … that
开始做某事 start to do …/ doing…

对…大声叫喊 shout at/ to …

上上下下 up and down

high Lisa's sister finished _____ As school _____ two weeks ago ____. ____ a gift, her parents ____ tookthem India to _____. Lisa’s last weekend was interesting but _____. scary

They _____ _______ in a went camping small village in India. long First, they took a ____ bus ride ____ ____ to a lake in the countryside. There they ___ put___ up their tents and ____ a fire to keep ____ them made warm and cook food.

On ____the first night, they sat under the moon just ____

and told _____ _____ each other
stories. But Lisa was so tired _____ that she ____ _____ _____ early. went____ to sleep

next morning, The _____
Lisa and her sister got a terrible ______

look___ out _______. When they ____ surprise of ___ the tent, they saw a big snakesleeping ______ near the fire. She couldn't was soscared _____ that she _____ shouted move. They _____ to their
about parents to let them know _____
the danger.

up ____ and down Her dad started to jump___ ____ in

woke the snake ____ up and their tent. This _____
it moved into the ______ forest near the lake.

Her dad told her later ____ snakes don’t


moving have _____ ears but they can feel things _____.

was important ____ not to He also told her it ____
go_____ near a snake. This was a very _______ useful ___
lesson for her.

Lisa’s weekend was interesting but scary.

First, …took a bus ride to…

made a fire to…

There they put up…
On the first night, they sat… and told… But Lisa was so…that…

The next morning, …got a … saw…sleeping… Lisa was so…that…

Then… shouted to… to let them know…

Her dad started to…

This wake up… and …moved into…

Her dad told… ears but they can feel…

He also told her it was important not to…

This was a very useful lesson for her.
What an interesting but scary weekend!


Look at the pictures and complete the passage.

The topic sentence(主题句)

I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I cleaned my room. In the afternoon, I did my homework It was a little difficult. ________________. On Saturday night, I stayed at home and helped mum cook dinner. On Sunday morning, I ____________ went to the library I read a book about history. __________________. played soccer with Then in the afternoon, I ____________ watched TV my friends. On Sunday night, I ___________. I saw an interesting talk show. 3b Write about what you did last weekend.

My last weekend was kind of busy. I washed my clothes a

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