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外研版 初一下综合填空

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2.I like______________with Jim,he is very friendly.

3.Mike wants__________Chinese chess.

4.Henry ____________the old people.He can sing and tell stories for them.

5.We _____________learning English,so our English is very good.

6.I’d like____________you something about my school life.

7.Where’s Tom?He__________Amy _______her English.

1.David likes music,so he wants___________the music club.

2.My grandma enjoys___________________stories.

3.Can you________it in English?

4.There________an eraser and some books in the bag.

5.Walking __________________for our health.

6.Jim is good at _____________pictures.

7.My uncle____________very good English.

2.Let’s____________soccer after school.

3.My grandpa is very healthy because he___________every day.

4.Look!Mum _____________a cake for me.

5.Mary is good at______________.She dances very well.

6.The litlle boy can’t___________himself.

7.We will have a picnic tomorrow.Do you want ___________us?

are Helen and Paul.Ann and Helen can dance.Ann can sing and play well,but Helen can’t.Helen doesn’t like playingchess,but she doesn’t play chess Ann.Ann can’t play chess.Helen often plays with Paul. Paul plays it

other students with basketball.

五、 Mike is a good doctor.


Do you like travelling(旅行)?

空调设备)on the train.So some people don’t taking trains.Today dining cars.(餐车)the food you like.

trains is very interesting and comfortable(舒适的).Now more and more people like taking trains.What will trains be like in 100 years’ time?It’s to say.


Emily has to obey(遵守) school.She can’t go out the dishes ten o’clock because she had her guitar every day.She doesn’t think she’s


to come here.

九 、

My uncle is very busy. He usually works five d__ a week from Monday to Friday.S___he works on Saturdays o__Sundays. He often gets up early in the morning.He cooks b__ for his family. He goes to work at 7:10. He e__ lunch at his workplace. He comes back h__at about 6:30. My aunt cooks dinner .A__dinner he does the washing. Then he goes out and takes a w__in the little garden.B__he goes to bed, he often reads some n__or watches TV. He goes to sleep very late.


It’s a fine day. The sky is clear a , Tom, is to music. There are is having a great time.

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