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清华少儿英语 Tsinghua Children’s English




( )1. A. Karen B. Lucy C. Claire D. Linda ( )2. A. mobile B. meet C. woman D. man ( )3. A. green B. blue C. grey D. white ( )4. A. eighteen B. thirty C. forty D. nine

( )5. A. He is a doctor. B. She is a teacher. C. He is a photographer. ( )6. A. It’s a bird. B. It’s a key. C. It’s a wheel.

( )7. A. The man on the red bicycle. B. The girl on the silver bicycle.

C. The man with the red umbrella.

( )8. A. Paul is Lucy’s cousin. B. Robert is Lucy’s brother.

C. Lucy is Robert’s sister.

( )9. A. Robert is ill. B. Robert is hungry. C. William is thirsty. ( )10. A. That’s a nice boy. B. That’s a good girl. C. That’s a writer. II、写出听到的数字。(每个1分,共5分)

1. + = 20 2. + 25 = 二、选择题

I、语音。选出一个划线部分与其它三个不同的单词。(每个1分,共5分) ( ) ( )2. A. please B. teacher C. twelve D. three ( )3. A. bag B. that C. camera D. hat ( )4. A. man B. Paul C. daughter D. ball ( )5. A. woman B. hot C. food D. do II、根据情景选择正确的答案。(每个1分,共28分)

( )1.—My name is Chen Hua. How do you do?

— My name is Lily.

A. Very well, thank you. B. How do you do? C. Nice to meet you! ( )2.—This is my classmate Lucy. —Hello!

A. How do you do? B. Hi! C. Nice to meet you!

( )3.— is this book? —It’s my book.

A. Whose B. What C. How

( )4.—Is this your coat? —

A. Yes, it is my coat. B. Yes, it isn’t. C. Yes, it isn’t my coat. ( )5.—Is this my hat? —

A. No, it is your hat. B. No, it is not my hat. C. No, it isn’t your hat. ( )6.— — It is my mobile.

A. Whose this is mobile? B. Whose mobile this is? C. Whose is this mobile? ( )7.—Is this your ruler? —

A. Yes, it is not. B. No, it is not. C. No, it is.

( )8.—Look! — It is a green coat.

A. What it is? B. What is it? C. What’s it?


清华少儿英语 Tsinghua Children’s English

( )9.—This is a red hat. —No,

A. it isn’t. B. it is. C. this is not.

( )10.— — This is my coat.

A. What coat this is? B. What’s this? C. Whose coat it is? ( )11.— — It is black.

A.What colour is this coat? B.Whose is this coat? C.Whose colour is this coat? ( )12.—What’s that? —

A. That is a chair brown. B. That is a brown chair. C. That is brown chair. ( )13.—Whose is this red bicycle? —

A. It is Betty. B. It Betty is. C. It is Betty’s.

( )14.—What is this? —

A. This is an umbrella. B. This is a umbrella. C. This is umbrella. ( )15. 马克,那位拿着书的男人是谁?

who is a book?

A. Mark, that man with B. Mark, that woman on C. Mark, this woman with ( )16. 这个骑着旧自行车的女孩是谁?

Who is bicycle?

A. this girl in, new B. this girl on, old C. the boy on, old

( )17. 玛丽是简的姐姐。她坐在蓝色汽车里。

Mary is . She is A. Jane’s brother, in a blue car B. Jane’s mother, on a blue car

C. Jane’s sister, in a blue car

( )18.—Is he busy free?

A. or B. and C. with

( )19.— —She is hot.

A. Who’s she? B. How is she? C. What’s she?

( )20.—What’s you? —I’m fine.

A. matter with B. the matter in C. the matter with

( )21.— —I’m a teacher.

A. How do you do? B. What do you do? C. What’s your name? ( )22.—Hello! —Hi, nice to meet you. Come meet my sister.

A. and B. to C. with

( )23.—Thank you your kindness —You are welcome.

A. in B. with C. for

( )24.—I’m a teacher. What do you do?

—I’m a student. And I am A. on B. at C. with

( )25.—Look at .What does she do? —She is a photographer.

A. her B. him C. she

( )26.—What’s job? —He’s a teacher.

A. her B. him C. his

( )27.—Is your father accountant or a writer? —He is a writer.

A. a B. an C. the

( )25.—What do you do? —I’m a teacher. I’m the art college. 2

清华少儿英语 Tsinghua Children’s English

A. at B. on C. with


( A. apples and eggs. B. salad and chicken C. French fries and dumplings. ( )2. doesn’t eat eggs for breakfast.

A. Bob B. Gina C. Tony

( )3.For dinner, Gina eats .

A. dumplings and eggs B. salad, chicken and carrots.

C. hamburgers, carrots and salad.

( )4.Grace eats eggs and pears for

A. lunch B. dinner C. breakfast

( )5.From the chart(从表格中), we know(知道)

A. Bob has bananas for breakfast B. Gina has chicken and pears for lunch

C. Bob and Tony have dumplings for dinner.

1. 2. don’t like French fries.

3. Helen likes 4. like eggs.

5. Bob likes but he doesn’t like




er(聪明), not 愚蠢).


清华少儿英语 Tsinghua Children’s English

g (年轻的)man in the old car.

4. This pen is on the le(桌子). 5. Paul is Karen’ 侄子).

6. This is my 朋友), Lily.

7. Karen’s 连衣裙) is (黑色的).


①Tim: Hello!


Mrs. Liu: How do you do ? Kate:

②A: Look! B: It is a ruler. A: Is it a green ruler? B: A: B:


B: Which pretty woman? B: She is Judy.

④A: Hello. How are you?

B: And you? But my mother is ill. A: She’s very hot. B:

⑤George: Hi! I’m George.

Cathy: Hello! My name is Cathy. George: Cathy: I’m a writer. George: I’m a teacher. , my wife. Jane: Hello!

Cathy: Hi! Jane.

III、写作。用4句话介绍你的全名,姓,名以及电话号码。(共10分) Eg:First name: Tom

Last name: Smith

Telephone number:32603987


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