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外研版 七年级下完成对话

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一、.从对话后的方框中选择正确的句子完成对话。 A:Excuse me._____1_____

B:No, but there is one on Nanjing Street. And it is a good place to have fun.You can take a taxi to get to Nanjing Street. A: Can I find a hotel near the park? B: Yes, you can. _____2______.

A:Well, is there a band near the park?

B: Yes.___3___.There is a supermarket on the corner.Then pass the supermarket, and you can see a small restaurant. ________4_____. A: Thank you very much. B: _____5______.

Jenny: __1__ Is there a library in the neighborhood? Gina: Yes, there is a library near here. __2__ It is small. Jenny: That’s OK. __3__

Gina: Well, walk down Green Street and you can see the library. Jenny: __4__

Gina: It’s on your left and next to a school. Jenny: Thanks a lot. Gina: __5__

三、从方框中选择适当的句子完成对话,有多余选项。 A: There are many new animals in the zoo. Do you know? B: Oh?__1__.

A: Giraffes,elephants, pandas, lions, and monkeys. B: Let's go and see them.

A: OK. __2__. B: I want to see pandas first. A: __3__.

B: Because they are very cute. __4__. A: I like elephants. B: __5__.

A: Because they big, but they are very friendly.

四、 根据对话内容从下列选择恰当的句子完成对话。 Shop assistant: Good morning! __1__

Mrs Watson: Yes. __2__ I think I wear size six.

Shop assistant: The white gloves are on this side. Let’s see . __3__ These are very nice, and they are easy to wash, too.

Mrs Watson: Oh, I’ll try them on. Hmmm … they seem to fit. __4__ Shop assistant: Five dollars and twenty cents

Mrs Watson: All right. __5__ Here’s six dollars. Shop assistant: OK. Here’s your change.

五、 从对话后的方框中选择正确的句子完成对话。 A: Hello, Sam?

B: Maria? Hi! _____1_____ ?

A: I’m in Mexico(墨西哥)! I’m calling to say Happy birthday. B: Oh, thanks!

A: So, __________2__________? B: Great! How’s it going with you? A: Pretty good. What are you doing .

B: _______3_________ . My whole family is here. A: Oh, that sounds like fun. ______4______ ? B: Terrible. It’s cold and raining. A: How’s the weather there ?

B: Hot. Hot and humid, And sunny. A: So, __________5_____________ ?

六.(At Green Street Police Station) A=policeman B= woman

A: Excuse me. 1 ______________________________________________?

B: Yes, it’s about my daughter. She goes to school in the morning and comes back home

at five o’clock in the afternoon every day. But now it’s six o’clock. She doesn’t come back now.

A: Your daughter? 2 _________________________________________? B: Her name is Nancy, Nancy Brown.

A: 3 _____________________________________________________? B: She is eight years old.

A: 4 ____________________________________________________?

B: She is a little bit thin and medium build. She has curly blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is wearing a green coat, blue pants and black shoes today.

A: 5 ____________________________________________________?

B: No, she isn’t at school. I call her teacher, Miss Green. She says Nancy leaves school

at 4:55.

A: OK, Mrs. Brown. We will do our best (尽力) to look for her. We will call you if we

find her. 七、从对话后的方框中选择正确的句子完成对话。

A:_________________________1_______________________________? B: It was great. I enjoyed it.

A:_________________________2______________________________? B: My family went to the Great Wall. We visited my uncle in Beijing. A:_________________________3______________________________?

B: No, I stayed at home and studied for the math exam, ________________4_____________.Did you go? A: Yes, I did. I saw the Rush Hour last night.



八、从对话后的方框中选择正确的句子完成对话。 A: What can I do for you, Sir? B: ( 1) ---------

A: For yourself? These are all for young people, ( 2 ) -------- B:I like the blue one. A: (3 ) ---------

B: Thank you. (4 ) ---------- A: One hundred yuan. B: Oh, it costs too much,

A: ( 5)--------- It is cheaper. It is only fifty yuan.

九、根据对话内容,选出能填入空白处的最佳句子。 A: Hello, Sam?

B:A: I’m in Mexico!B: Oh, thanks.

A: So how is it going there? B: Great!

A: Pretty good. B: I’m having a party. My whole family is here. A: B: Terrible. It’s cold and raining.

十一、根据对话内容,在每小题的空白处写出一个完整的句子。 A: I s that your new pen pal? B: Yes,it is.

B: Her name is Maria.

B: She’s from Canada.

A: B: She lives in Toronto.

B: Yes, she does. She has two brothers and sisters. B: Yes. She speaks English. 十二

A: Good morning, Madam. (1)

B: Yes, I'm afraid I left my handbag on a taxi this morning. A: (2 )

B: About 5,000 dollars. A: (3)

B: Yes, my ID card, I think. A: What's your name? B: Betty White.

A: (4) Is this your handbag? B: (5)

A: The taxi driver found it and brought it here. B: Oh, thank you so much.


A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the nearest museum is? B: Well, it's a bit far. You can go along the street, then take the first turning on the right. Walk on and you'll find one there. (1 ) A: Oh, thanks. (2)

B: It should be open now. It opens at 8: 00 a.m. A: Good. (3)

B: Which bus? I don't know. You may ask the policeman over there. (4)

A: OK, by the way, where's the nearest McDonald's, do you know? B: Right behind you, sir. See that sign? A: Oh, thanks a lot. B: (5)

十四(It's Hellen's turn to see the doctor.) Doctor: Morning! Your name, please? Hellen: (1)

Doctor: What's your trouble? Hellen: (2) Doctor: (3)

Hellen: I felt weak yesterday. Doctor:


Hellen: Yes, I coughed the whole night.

Doctor: Then you've caught a cold. (5) Drink more water and have a good rest. You'll get better soon. Hellen: Thanks, doctor.


A: Can I help you?

B:I’m going to buy a new dress. ____6_____ A: I see. What size do you want? B: Size 8 or 9.

A: _____7_____ it looks very smart.

B:Sorry, I

don’t like the color. _____8______ A: Oh, yes. We’ve got blue, white and yellow ones. B: The white one looks nice. ______9______ A: Certainly. This way, please. Does it fit you?

B:Yes, it does. I like it very much. ______10______Here’s the money.


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