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unit10 (2a-Self Check)

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Unit 10
I’ve had this bike for three years.
Section B (2a-Self Check)

Words & expressions

nowadays search among crayon shame regard count century

adv. 现今;现在;目前 v. & n. 搜索;搜查 prep. 在(其)中;……之一 n. 彩色铅笔(或粉笔、蜡笔) n. 羞耻;羞愧;惭愧 v. 将……认为;把……视为 v. 数数 n. 百年;世纪

Words & expressions

according to 依据;按照 opposite prep. 与……相对;在……对面 adj. 对面的;另一边的 especially adv. 尤其;特别;格外 childhood n. 童年;幼年 consider v. 注视;仔细考虑 close to 几乎;接近 hold v. 拥有;抓住

Why do millions of Chinese leave the countryside every year?

For work

For study

work Many adults are leaving their hometown to earn more money in the cities.


Leaving home for educational purpose has become very familiar with students, especially who come from the countryside.

No matter how far away from your hometown, there must have a connection between you and your hometown.

delicious food
… sweet memories good/terrible weather beautiful scenery friendly people

Hometown feelings high/a lot of hills
heavy traffic tall/old/new buildings busy/clean street

Hometown is a real great place for us. No matter where we have moved and how far away we are. we can't get away from homesickness (乡愁). We get homesick (想家的) because there are things that we love.

Tips(温馨提醒): Don’t read every word. Try to guess
what a passage is about by using previous knowledge (已有知识). Try to find key words (关键词) and important sentences for main ideas.

Read quickly and match the main ideas.
Para 1 A. Their hometowns have changed.

Para 2&3
Para 4

B. Some things never change, like many soft and sweet memories. C. Many Chinese leave hometowns to search for work.

Paragraph 1
some …others … Hometown Feelings

Some people still live in their hometown. However, others may only see it once or twice a year. year Nowadays, millions of Chinese leave the countryside to search for work in the cities. Among these is Zhong Wei, a 46-year-old husband and father. He has lived in Wenzhou for the last 13 years. With a hard job in a crayon factory, he doesn’t find much time to visit his hometown. “I used to return home at least once a year, but I haven’t been back for almost three years now. It’s a shame, but I just don’t have the time,” he says.

Tip(温馨提醒): Read carefully and pay
attention to the details(细节信息).

Para. 1
lines 3-4

Please answer Qs.
1) Why do many Chinese leave the countryside every year? They leave the countryside to search for work. 2) How long has Zhong Wei lived in Wenzhou?

line 5

He has lived in Wenzhou for the last 13 years.
3) Why doesn’t he have time to visit his hometown?

He has a hard job in a crayon factory.
He hasn’t been back for almost 3 years.

lines 5-6

4) How long hasn’t he been back to his hometown?
line 7


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