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新课标Section A 3修改版

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Fill in the blanks according to the text. 1. 我想去帮助无家可归的人。 I’d ____ like __ to ____ help homeless people. 2. 你可以请求医院允许你探访儿童并让他 们变得更高兴。 You could ___ ask hospitals ___ to ___ let you visit the kids and cheer them up.

3. 她自愿一周去那里一次帮助孩子们 学习读书。 She _________ to volunteers there once a week ___ ____ help kids learn to read.

4. 她决定参加一个志愿者课后阅读节目

She _______ decided ___ to try out for a volunteer
after-school reading program.

5. 马里奥相信这会帮助他获得他的梦想工 作。

to ___ get Mario believes it can help him ___
his future dream job. 6. 我正在制作一些告示,并将它们张贴于


up I’m making some signsto __ put ___ __
around the school.

动词不定式用法小结构成: to + do(动词原形)

1. 做动词宾语,例如would, like, want,

help, learn, hope, decide, volunteer.
e.g. We don’t want to spend too much money. 我们不想花费太多钱。 She hopes to find a better job. 她希望找到一份更好的工作。

常见含不定式的动词短语: need to do learn to do agree to do

plan to do
begin to do

decide to do
start to do

refuse to do
try to do

forget to do
stop to do

remember to do
go on to do

like to do

2. 作宾语补足语。常见动词有 ask, want, tell,

invite, like, hate. (v. + sb. + to do )
e.g. Mr. Li asked the students to copy the text. 李老师让学生们抄写课文。 The teacher told him to come on time. want sb. to do wish sb. to do get sb. to do order sb. to do find sb. to be like sb. to do would like sb. to do help sb. to do

作宾语补足语不带to 的情况:

Let me do it. I saw him cross the street.
常见动词有: 使役动词: let, make, have 感官动词: see, watch, hear, feel 比较: I heard her singing in the next room. I heard her sing in the next room.

3. 作状语。
He came to show me his new CD player. (目的)

I went there to see my teacher. (目的)
She came back to get her English book. (目的)

The boy was too frightened to move.


4. 作后置定语。 (不定式与被修饰词有动宾关系。 若是不及物动词, 介词不能省略.)
e.g. Claire missed a great chance to make a lot of money.克莱尔错过了一个赚大钱的机会。

I have two books to read.
I have much homework to do.

He asked for a room to live in. I don’t have a pen to write with.

5. 用作表语(be + to do) e.g. His work is to feed the animals. Her job is to look after the patients.

My wish is to be a scientist.

6.用作主语 (可将其用形式主语it来替换)
1.To be here at Christmas time is my dream. →It is my dream to be here at Christmas time. 2. To go abroad is his dream. →It is his dream to go abroad. 3. To say is easy, to do is difficult. → It is easy to say, it is difficult to do.

Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks. 1. He made me ____ tell (tell) him a

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