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M3 Unit 1 Has it arrived yet ?

Daming: Hi, Tony. What are you up to?

Tony: Hi, Daming. I’ve just made a model spaceship for our school project.

Daming: I haven’t started yet, because I’m not sure how to make it. Can you help me?

Tony: Sure, no problem. Have you heard the lasted news? Scientists have sent a spaceship to Mars. The journey has taken several months.

Daming: Has it arrived yet?

Tony: Yes, it has arrived already. That’s why it’s on the news.

Daming: So have they discovered life on Mars?

Tony: No, they haven’t yet.

Daming: Are there any astronauts in the spaceship?

Tony: No, there aren’t.

Daming: Why? Astronauts have already been to the moon.

Tony: Yes, but no one has been to Mars yet, because Mars is very far away, much farther than the moon. Lots of scientists are working hard in order to send astronauts to Mars one day.

Daming: That’s interesting! How can I get information on space travel?

Tony: You can go online to search for the information.

Daming: I will. Thank you, Tony!

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