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Unit 1 People around us




2. 为。。。做准备:get ready for sth

get ready to do sth.

3. 特殊疑问词+动词不定式 做宾语

学到关于。。。learn about sth.

学会做某事 learn to do sth.

describe v. 描述

describe sth. for sb. 为某人描述某物

describe sth. to sb. 把某物给某人描述下来

description n. 描述

4.Read these students’ 介词短语做后置定语

articles about sth. 关于。。。的文章

5. 动名词做伴随情况状语

6. 定语从句

a short article about…一篇关于。。。的短文


1. 你认识这些用来描述人们的单词吗?


cheerful adj. 快乐的,高兴的=happy

cheer up v. 振作起来

3. hard-working adj. 努力工作的,勤奋的

work hard 努力工作 adv.修饰v.

hard work 辛苦的工作 adj.修饰n.

4. adv.

study 1) v. 2) n. 书房;(复数)研究,研究论文

5. patient 1) adj. 有耐心的----impatient (没有耐心的)----patience n.耐心

2)n. 患者

6.take time to do sth. (慢慢地)花时间去做某事

It takes sb. st./ sm. to do sth. 某人花某。。。时间/钱去做某事

7.use one’s own words 用某人自己的语言





grey hair 灰白的头发,白发

grey hairs 老年人

grey area 贫困地区;灰色地区

in grey 穿灰衣服

2. She was always cheerful.

cheerful adj. 快乐的,高兴的=happy

cheer up v. 振作起来

3.She was a very good cook.

cook n. 厨师 v. 做饭 cooker n. 炊具

cooked meat 熟的肉(过去分词做定语)


dish n.盘子,菜

Chinese dishes 中国菜 n. n.

forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事

forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事(没做)

forgetful 健忘的 adj.

as well 也

as well as 和(后面不是主语)

Tom , as well as his parents is at home.

6. Grandma took care of my family.

照顾,照看:take care of=look after=care for

照顾好:take good care of=look after …well

7. (同义句) She has been dead for two years.

die v. ----dying (现在分词) He is dying. 他快要死了。(现在进行表将来) dead adj.

death n. 死亡 the death of… 。。。的死亡

miss 和lose的区别:

lose 语气较强,一般指失去不易找回。miss有"发现失去"的意思,指东西找不到,但有找到的希望。 His lost his leg in the war.

She missed her child in the street.

作定语时,lose 用过去分词形式,miss用现在分词形式。


=my closest friend

make friends with sb. 和。。。交朋友



10. 不定式做目的状语 =other people

tell a joke; tell jokes 讲笑话

play a joke 开玩笑

make sb. do sth. 让某人做某事,使某人做某事;----sb. be made to do sth. (被动语态)


make fun of sb. 开某人的玩笑,恶搞

fun u.n. 乐趣; adj. 使人愉快的 vi. 嬉闹 (fun—funned—funned)

感叹语:What fun!

have fun=enjoy oneself=have a good time

have fun (in) doing sth.=enjoy (in) doing sth. =have a good time (in) doing sth.


=does well in

12. (宾语从句)

hope to do sth.

hope sb. to do sth.

hope that…(宾语从句) 一直是朋友

系动词, “依旧,保持,留,呆,待,住”

remain +表语:1)n.做表语

2)adj. 做表语

3) 介词短语做表语 He remained in hospital yesterday.

4)分词做表语 He remained sitting there for a long time.



科目名词,谓语单三。Maths, Politics(政治), Statistics(统计学)



=be filled with

16. in his teaching 在他的教学中

17. be strict with sb. 对某人严格

be strict about sth. 对某事严格

strictness n. 严肃

encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人去做某事

encouragement n. 鼓励

encourageous adj. 鼓舞人心的

give sb. support 给某人支持

support u.n. 支持; vt.支持 support sb./ sth. 支持某人/某事

supporter c.n. 支持者

18. He often says “’”

give up 放弃

give in 投降

give away 白送,白给

give off 散发出(香味等)

give back (to) 还给。。。

successful adj. 成功的----successfully adv. 成功地----success n. 成功 ----succeed succeed (in) doing sth. 成功做某事

be successful in doing sth. 成功的做某事

3 v. 成功


1. in italics 斜体的

2. the correct answers 正确的答案

3. cheerful=happy; forget=do not remember; remain=still be; encourage sb. =give sb. a lot of hope;

give up=stop trying to do sth.

4. 你觉得Joyce怎么样?

=think about

5. She她严格对待学习,所以在考试方


6. 当有困难时,她从不放弃。


difficulty n. 困难

have difficulty (in) doing sth. 做。。。有困难

have trouble (in) doing sth. 做。。。有麻烦


1.phone sb.=telephone sb.=make a phone call to sb.=make phone calls to sb.=call sb.=give sb. a call=call

sb. up

2.take notes 记笔记

3. n. 箭头 v. 标注


1.definite article 定冠词

2.a singular, countable noun 可数名词单数

3. mention v. 提及,的到

4.for the first time 首次


=her grandpa’s

6.in the past few days 在过去的几天里

7. 它是关于从外星人手里拯救地球的。


alien c.n. 外星人



a visit to sw. 去。。。的旅行

pay a visit to sw. =visit sw. =put down =another two conversations v. 分角色表演


1.the names of musical instruments 乐器名

2.the names of sports运动名


3. 的梦想就是到NBA打篮球。

主 系 表

4.Alex plays the guitar in the school band. Alex在校乐队里弹吉它。


1. short phrase 短语

2. a particular person or thing 一个特殊的人或物

3. The woman with long, straight hair is Mrs Zhang. 那个留着长长的直发的女士是张夫人。

4. in brackets 在括号里

5. The man in the purple suit is playing the guitar.那个穿着紫色西装的人正在弹奏吉它。


1. 恐怕我没有听清楚你的想法。


fear v. 害怕

n. 害怕 for fear that+从句(虚拟语气) She worried for fear that the child would be hurt.

I fear that=I am afraid that(语气弱)

2. Don’难道你敢盯着那边的那头熊看吗?


dare v.(普通动词) dare to do sth. 敢于去做某事

aux. dare do sth. 敢于做某事

stare at 盯着,凝视=look at sth. for a long time

3. I’m sure we’ll find a for the poor 我保证我们一定能找到治愈那位可怜的导游的办


cure n. 疗法,措施; v. 治愈,解决

4.A pair of rare bears put the pears on the chair. 一对稀有的熊把梨放在椅子上。

rare adj. 野生的,罕见的,稀有的

rare animals 稀有动物 rare metals 稀有金属


1.write about写关于。。。

2.the sample article 例文

3. n. v.

go to work 去上班; go to school 去上学

sick people 生病的人

sick和ill的区别:ill 做表语不做定语。

all day and all night 整日整夜=all day and night

找时间去做某事 n. (书房,复数时表示“研究,研究论文”)


辛苦的工作 adj. 修饰n.

2. They also encourages us and give us support.

encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人去做某事


encouragement n. 鼓励

encourageous adj. 鼓舞人心的

give sb. support 给某人支持

support u.n. 支持; vt.支持 support sb./ sth. 支持某人/某事

supporter c.n. 支持者

3. <to say “Thank you” to our mums>.

主 系 表 表语补足语


celebrate v. 庆祝 People celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival by holding Dragon Boat races.

celebration n. 庆祝活动

on the second Sunday in May 五月的第二个周日 在这一天,人们喜欢为妈妈们买花或者制作特殊的母亲节贺卡。

make sth. for sb. =make sb. sth.

special Mother’s Day cards 特殊的母亲节贺卡 6.Mother’

不仅仅 =help sb. to do sth.=help sb. with sth.


8. or连接的并列结构,谓语动词遵循“就近原则”。 主句话的主语是saying “I love you, Mum” 动名词做主语,谓语单三。

perfect adj. 完美的,最佳的 v. 使。。。完善

perfect 没有比较级,最高级

be perfect for… 对。。。来说很完美

the perfect tense 完成时

9. ’ =why don’t you do sth

plan v. 做计划 plan for…为。。做计划

n. 计划 a plan for…为。。。。而做的一个计划

a better plan 一个更好的计划


1.charts and graphs 图表和图形

2.line graphs 线形图

3.bar charts 条形图

4.quantity n. 量 a large quantity/ a huge quantity 大量的

quality n.质量

5. 以数字形式, 用数字

6. the number of 。。。的数量+名(复)+谓语单三

a number of ….大量的。。。+名(复)+谓语复数

7. fast-food restaurant 快餐店

8. the most hamburgers 最多的汉堡

the fewest hamburgers 最少的叹堡



1. middle names 中间名

2. in many Western countries 在许多西方国家

3. first names 起始名 given names(名字) last names (family names)姓

4. someone important 重要的人



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