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U3.How_was_your_school_trip SectionA

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Unit 3 How was your school trip?

Unit 11

Section A

一般过去时(The Simple Past Tense)
一般过去时常与表示过去的时间状语或从句连用,如: just now, yesterday, last week ,in 1993, two days ago, 等。

My wife went to Seattle yesterday.


There were ten of us here last night. 3. 用于叙述过去发生的一系列事情。

Write down past tense.(写出下列词的过去式)
不规则动词 规则动词

go ride do is are have eat buy see

went rode did was were had ate bought saw

pick visit watch climb study worry play live stop

picked visited watched climbed studied worried played lived stopped

肯定 结构 否定 结构

You were __ here. He was __ here. You weren’t __ here. He wasn’t __ here. Were __ you here? Was __ he here?

are here. you __ is here . He __
You aren’t __ here. He isn’t __ here . Are __ Is you here ? __ he here ?

一般 疑问 结构

肯定 结构 否定 结构 一般 疑问 结构 I I work ______. I works He ______.

worked _____. _____ didn’t work ____. He worked _____ .

don’t ____ work I _____

work He ______ He doesn’t ____ ____. ____. didn’t work ___ I work ____? ____ Do Did I _____? work Does Did he _____ work ? ____ he work ____ ? ____

Task1 Let's learn

Past Form went go for a walk 1.去散步 went go shopping 2.去购物 went go fishing 3.去钓鱼 milk a cow milked 4.给牛挤奶 ride a horse rode 5.骑马 feed chickens fed 6.喂鸡 talked 7.和一位农民谈话 talk with a farmer take photos took 8.拍照 grow apples grew 9.种植苹果 pick strawberries 10.摘草莓 picked Learn phrases.
11.在乡下 in the countryside

12.了解很多关于耕作 13.去农场 14.变得阴云密布的 15.出来 16.带领某人参观某地 17.如此多的乐趣 18.在农场上

learn a lot about farming go to the farm get cloudy come out show sb. around sw. so much fun on the farm

learned went got came showed

Task 2 Let’s speak!

A:What did you do on your school trip?? B:I went for a walk/…./…/………..

go for a walk

milk a cow

ride a horse

feed chickens

talk with a farmer

take some photos

What did he do on the farm? He rode a horse. Did he ride a horse? Yes, he did. What did the man do? He milked a cow. Did he milk a horse? No, he didn’t. He milked a cow.

A: Where did you go yesterday/2days ago/last week..? B: I went to …..

go to the farm go to school
go to the library
go to the park

Task 3 Memory challenge!

Try to remember them as soon as possible!
A: Hi, Eric! How was your trip last week? B: It was excellent. I visited my grandparents in the countryside. A: Oh, nice. What did you do ? B: I went fishing every day. And I fed the chickens with my grandpa. It was so much fun. A: Sounds good. How was th

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