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介词的讲解 prep

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介词 prep.

介词 at
1. 表示时间点 at seven, at midnight at dawn at Spring Festival 2.表示方位 (小地点) at the bank at the corner at home 3. 以……价格,温度,速度等等 at a good price at zero at full speed 4. 动词 + at look at knock at laugh at stare at

介词 on
1.表示时间 on + 星期、日期、节日 on Monday on Tuesday Morning on December 18th on the morning of October 1st on Children's Day/ New Year's Day 2. 表示方位 (面上) on the road on the desk 3. 处于……的状态 The house is on fire. The TV is on. I am on duty. 4. 在边缘 The house is on the river. Mongolia is on the north of China. on the my left side

介词 in
1. 表示时间 in two days in a week in five minutes in the bank in China in Guangzhou in English in cash
4. 穿着

2.表示地点 在...里

3.以……方式, 用

I am in red. She is in a dress.

介词 of
1. 表示 所属 the keys of mine the photo of my friend think of hear of dream of a kind of animals a piece of cake two kilos of meat

2. 涉及,关于

3. 数量,种类

介词 for
1. 表示目的 go for a walk look for my book come here for his bike thank you for your help pay for your lunch for two months for six hours

2. 表示原因

3. for + 时间段

1.表示时间段 during 在……期间 over 在……期间 within 在……内 throughout 贯穿 2. before 在……之前 after 在……之后 since 自从 until/till 直到 between 在……间 during these years over the last two weeks within a week throughout the year before the class after a month since 1980/ ten days ago until 5:00pm. between 5:00 and 6:00

3.with (1) 表示拥有 She married a man with a lot of money . (2) 表用某种工具或手段 I cut the apple with a sharp knife. (3) 表人与人之间的协同关系 "和" talk with sb fight with sb play with sb work with sb cooperate with sb

4. from “始于” from here to there from morning to night She is from China. I come from US.


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