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新人教七下Unit11 How was your school trip 教案Section A 1

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Section A Period One

Words and expressions
milk cow milk a cow horse ride a horse feed feed chickens farmer

挤奶 奶牛 给牛挤奶 马 骑马 喂养;饲养 喂鸡 农民;农场主

Words and expressions

quite quite a lot of grow farm pick excellent in the countryside

相当;完全 许多 种植;生长;发育 农场;农务;种田 采;摘 极好的;优秀的 在乡村;农村



rode a horse

ride a horse

fed chickens
did homework went to a countryside picked strawberries milked a cow

feed chickens
do homework go to a countryside pick strawberries milk a cow

1a Match the phrases with the pictures.

1. went for a walk ____ e 2. milked a cow ____ b 3. rode a horse ____ a 4. fed chickens ____ c

f 5. talked with a farmer ____
6. took some photos ____ d

Listen and circle the three things 1b Carol did on her school trip in 1a.
1. went for a walk ____ 2. milked a cow ____ 3. rode a horse ____ 4. fed chickens ____ 5. talked with a farmer ____ 6. took some photos ____

1c Ask and answer questions
about Carol’s school trip.
A: Did Carol take any photos? B: Yes, she did.

Listen and check ( √ ) the questions you 2a hear.

? ___ What did the farmer say?

√ What did you see? ? ___
? ___ Did you learn anything? ? ___ Did you ask him any questions? ? ___ Did you grow any apples?

√ Do they grow apples? ? ___
? ___ Did you eat them?

√ Were they good? ? ___

2b Listen again. Circle T for true or F for false.

1 The farmer showed Carol around the farm. T F 2 Carol learned a lot about farming. T F 3 The farmers grow strawberries from December to June. T F 4 The farmers don’t grow apples. T F 5 Carol picked some strawberries and took them home. T F

Ask and answer questions about 2c Carol’s visit to the farm. A: What did Carol do? B: She picked some strawberries.

A: How was your school trip? B: It was … (boring/interesting/good/great…) A: What did you do on the school trip? B: I went for a walk with my classmates.

went for a walk

milked a cow

rode a horse

fed chickens

talked with a farmer took some photos

2d Role-play the conversation.
Peter: Hi, Eric. How was your trip last week? Eric: It was excellent. I visited my grandparents in the countryside. Peter: Oh, nice. What did you do? Eric: I went fishing every day. And I fed the chickens with my grandpa. It was so much fun.

Peter: Sounds good. How was the weather there? Eric: It was great, and the air was so clean. I watched the stars at night. They were so beautiful. Peter: Lucky you.

1. Did you see any cows? Yes, I did. I saw quite a lot. quiet a lot 相当多+of+可数或不可数, 也可

quite a little 相当多+不可数名词

quite a few 相当多+可数名词

e.g. 我们喝了不少酒。 We drank quite a lot of wine. 我看到了相当多的奶牛。 I saw quite a lot of cows. 夏天我经常打网球。 I play tennis quite a lot in the summer. 不少学生迟到

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