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江苏省宿豫区关庙中心学校九年级英语上册 9A Unit6《Detective stories》Detective stories词汇教学设计

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9A Unit6《Detective stories》Detective stories

一、 The general idea of this period

It is about stories.

二、Teaching Aim

1. Read the text, know some information abou teenagers.

2. Let Ss guess the meaning of the new words according to the text and some pictures.

3. Review the words.

4. Teach the Ss to help people when they are in trouble.

三. Teaching Important Points

1. Encourage the Ss to talk about teenagers .

2. Let the Ss to help others.

3. Master the important words, phrases and sentences.

四. Teaching Difficult Points

1. Ensure every student to have a chance to express himself/herself.

2. Make the Ss know the importance of the study.

3. Make the Ss know the methods of using phrases.

五. Teaching Methods

1. Individual pair or group work to make every student work in class.

2. Discussion to make the Ss finish the task of speaking, hearing, reading and


六. Teaching Aids 1. A multimedia 2.Some beautiful pictures

3. Some colorful cards

七、Teaching Procedures

Step1. Lead in.

Ask two Ss to act out a dialogue of comic strip. One is Eddie, the other is Hobo. Step2.Complete the exercise.

Step3. Let Ss find out the new words.

New words

Let Ss read after the tape, then they read by themselves.

Step4. Listen to the tape and answer the questions

choice (n.) ________(中文)________(动词)________(过去式)_______(过去分词) have no choice but to do…__________(中文)


Step5.Let Ss write the phrases.


Step6. Exercise.

I often ________ ________late to ________ the exercises. (P44)

stay up ________(中文)

拓展:(1) stay out __________(中文)例如:在外待得很晚常使父母担忧。 e.g. ________ ________ ________ often makes parents worried.

拓展:(2) stay +adj. ________(中文)e.g. The shop ________ ________ until 9 in the evening.

complete (vt.) ________(中文) (同义词:________)

4. Sometimes, I want to ________ to do so much work, but usually I just ________ it.

▲refuse (vi. & vt.) 拒绝,不愿 refuse to do sth.


e.g. It’s _________to refuse ______ _________ a question in class. 八、The design of the writing on the blackboard.

The important words and phrases.

九、Record after teaching.

1. All of the Ss are interested in playing games. We should do more games.

2.But some of the Ss can’t master the new knowledge.


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