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江苏省宿豫区关庙中心学校九年级英语上册 9A Unit6《Detective stories》教学设计 牛津版

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9A Unit6《Detective stories》



1. Grasp the phrases and expressions 2. Have a better understanding about the text.

3. Retell the story easily.


Improve Ss’ listening , speaking, reading and writing 情感目标:

Learn to protect yourself

教学重点:Use the phrases and expressions fluently. 教学难点:Describe the story easily

Teaching procedures:


Go over the words and have a dictation of some of phrases

Step2: Read and Consolidation

1. Read and Put the following events in order.

The victim died. The body was found in the doorway of a clothes shop. The victim’s parents offered a reward for information. The victim struggled with the attackers.

The victim was charged with computer crimes.


The police checked the scene for clues.

The victim left his office in New Town.

2. Fill in the blanks according to the text.

A young man was m______ in Valley Town. The body was f____ in the doorway of a clothes shop. The v___ was a computer programmer who worked in New Town. When he l___ his office, he said he was g____ to visit his parents.

The murder t___ place between 9pm and 1 am last night. The victim was killed w___ a knife and there was evidence of a struggle. We are checking the scene for f_____ , which will help us find the murder.

A witness saw a man running down Upper Street with b____ on his shirt. But the man said that he was not g____.

Step 4 homework


Read the paragraphs one by one, learn the main idea, and find out the key words and try to retell the story one by one.

Step 4.


1. remember all the words and phrases

2. finish doing all the exercises


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