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一. 补全对话

A. Can you ___________(唱歌)?

B. Yes, I ________. Can you _________(游泳)?

A. No, I want to join _______________(象棋俱乐部).

B. I don't like ______________(象棋)

A. What club do you want to __________?

B. I want to join __________________(游泳俱乐部)



A: A: A: Here is a card, please fill it out. B: Thank you. A: You’re welcome.


A: Hi, Liu Ying. _______ ________ do you want to join?

B:I want to join the __________ ____________(象棋俱乐部).

A: Can you ____________?

B: Yes, I can. I can paint ___________. Do you want to ______ the art club. A: No. I want to join the ________club. I can play _______ well.

B: Really? Welcome to our club.

A: _______________.


A: Tom. You have a big family. We want to know about your family.

B: OK.

A: When do you ____________?

B: I run in the morning.

A: _________ _________does your brother run?

B: He runs at 7:00.But my father runs _____ ____ ________(在下午) .

A: Does your sister go to school?

B:Yes. He _______ ______ _______ _______ 8:00.


A: do you get to school?

B: I the train.

A: does it take?

B: Oh, around forty minutes. How about you?

A: I take the subway.

B: How long does it ?

A: Oh, thirty-five minutes.


A: __________ does she get to school?

B: She takes the subway to school.

A: ___________ is it from her home to school?

B: It’s 12 miles. A: ____________does it take her to get from home to school?

B : It takes 15 minutes .


A:We have a lot of rules in our school.


A:Don’t eat in the classroom. Don’t run in the hallways. Don’t listen to music in B:

A:We can eat in the dining hall, but we can’t eat in the classroom.

B:Can we wear hats in school?

A:B:A:No, we don’t have to.

B:Oh, there are too many rules.


( )1. Don’t be late for class next time, Helen.

( )2. What are some of the rules?

( )3. Can we listen to music in the classroom? ( )4. Let’s have some bananas!

( )5. Does he have to go now?


Tom:Jack:Hi, Tom. It’s Jack here.

Jack:I’m reading a newspaper. What about you?


Tom Jack:

Tom:OK. See you then.

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