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七年级上练习册 Unit 2

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Unit 2 This is my sister



1、_________ are apples.

A. This B. That C. These D. It

2、--- _________ is that boy ?

---__________ is my brother.

A. Who; She B. Who; He C. Who’s; It

3.—Mom, ________ is my friend, Li Lei. --- Li Lei, _______ is my mother. D. Who; His

A. this; this B. that; this C. that; that

4.--- Is that your friend ?

--- _________.

A. Yes, it’s B. Yes, it isn’t C. Yes, it is D. Yes, he is

5. --- Where is your father?

---- ________ is at work.

A. Him B. He C. His D. It

6.Mom,________ my friends, Dale and Helen.

A. this is B. they are C. he and she D. these are

7.—Are your friends in your class ?

--- Yes, _______ are

A. These B.my friends C. those D. they

8. – Here is ________ my family.

--- May I have a look ?

A. A photo of B. photo of C. a photo at

9. Thanks ________ the present.

A. in B. at C. for

10. --- Who’re ________?

--- They’re my friends.

A. he B. you C. those


1. This is my book.

________ _________ ________ ________(改为复数句)

2.Are these your brothers? ( 做否定回答)

________, ________ ________-

3.Those are her friends.(改为单数句)

________ ______ ______ _______.

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