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Module 5 Unit 3

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Unit 3 Language in use

These are some expressions used when you go shopping.
Can / may I help you? Can I try it / them on? What size do you wear? What size are you? What color would you like? Extra small, small, medium, large, extra large How does it fit? Where is the changing room? How would you like to pay? Can I pay by credit card / in cash?


以疑问词开头,对句中某一成分提问的句 子叫特殊疑问句。 特殊疑问句是提问实质内容,提问的内容 不同,所使用的疑问词也不同。 常用的疑问词有:what,who,whom (who的宾格), whose (who的所有格), which, when,why,where,how等。

特殊疑问句有两种语序: 1. 当疑问词(what, who, which, whose等) 作 主语或主语的定语时,其语序是陈述句的语 序。

Who is your best friend?
谁是你最好的朋友? Which watermelon is bigger? 哪个西瓜大点?

2. 当疑问词作其他成分(宾语、表语、状语 等) 时,其语序是: 特殊疑问词+一般疑问句语序? Where do you come from?

How do you know these?


1. 回答特殊疑问句时,不能用yes或no来回 答,而要用一个意思完整的句子来回答, 也可以用简略回答。 —Who is from Canada? 谁来自加拿大? —Helen (is from Canada). 海伦(来自加拿大)。 2. 特殊疑问句一般读降调(↓)。

选择适当的疑问词(组)填空, 完成对话。 how old when what color who what where how

How 1. —________ do you go to school? —By bus.
When will the meeting begin? 2. —_______ —At seven. How old 3. —___________ is your daughter? —She is nine.

4. —__________ is the hospital? Where —It’s next to the police station.
5. —__________ is the man over there? Who —He is my teacher.

6. —______________ is your new dress? What color —Green. And I think it is beautiful.
Which 7. —___________ season do you like best? —I like autumn best.

对画线部分提问。 1. I like the film The Fish best. Which / What film do you like best? __________________________ 2. It’s 7:30 now. __________________________ What time is it now?

3. She gives me a new camera. __________________________ What does she give you?

4. Jane is happy because she gets a new

wristwatch. Why is Jane happy? __________________________
5. We want to go to the park this afternoon. When do you want to go to the park? __________________________

Look at the picture. Ask and answer.
what / size / take? --- What size do you take? --- Size S. 1. what / size / take? --- What size does she take? --- Size M.


2. How much / eggs? --- How much are the eggs? --- Ten yuan a kilo. 3. how much / beef? --- How much is the beef? --- Fifty yuan a kilo.
fifty yuan / kilo ten yuan / kilo

4. what / colour / like? --- What colour does she like? --- She likes blue.

Match the sentences in Column A with the sentences in Column B.
1. Can

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